Suggestion of Turkey’s PM to lift all immunities for Deputies MEANS abrogating the Parliament…

The immunities of all parliamentarians subject to criminal summaries of proceedings should be lifted regardless of their party, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said
Prime Minister Davutoğlu in response to opposition’s proposal to lift all parliamentary immunities responded, “Bring it on…Let us bring 506 summary of proceedings to parliament”.
The Turkish Prime Ministry has submitted a motion to parliament seeking the removal of the parliamentary immunity of Tuğba Hezer Öztürk, a HDP deputy from the eastern province of Van
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Esra Mungan who got arrested with other two colleagues over signing the declaration of the Academics For Peace, has noted in her message to Boğaziçi University Peace Forum: “We stand by our word”.
German journalist leaves Turkey after he is refused right to work

Der Spiegel correspondent Hasnain Kazim spent three months waiting unsuccessfully for new press card from government

The correspondent for the German magazine Der Spiegel in Turkey has left the country after waiting unsuccessfully for three months for his press card to be renewed.


Turkey’s ruling Justice and Devleopment Party (AKP) has submitted a bill to parliament to recruit 15,000 new police officers to boost counter-terrorism efforts after the Ankara suicide car bombing, according to documents seen on March 16 by AFP

Ankara bombing: Kurdish militants claim responsibility

Tak describes Sunday’s bombing, in which 37 were killed, as ‘vengeful action’ and warns of future attacks

A militant Kurdish group has claimed responsibility for the devastating car bomb attack that killed 37 people and injured at least 125 more in the Turkish capital, Ankara, on Sunday.

Kurdistan Freedom Falcons has claimed responsibility for the bomb attack in Kızılay downtown of Ankara killing 27 persons.
The best friends killed in Turkey attacks

The Turkish childhood friends killed in separate terrorism attacks
The Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (TAK), a terror group linked to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack that killed 37 people in the capital Ankara
The Kurdish terrorist organisation the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons claimed responsibility on Thursday for last weekend’s attack in Ankara. It said the bombing, which claimed 37 lives, was a retaliation for the Turkish military’s operations in the southeast of the country. How can the situation in Turkey be defused?
Democratic Union Party delegates in Syria approve document that declares “federal democratic system” in country’s north.
From the outset of the Syrian conflict, the PYD has pursued its own self-declared interests.

Is a federal Syria desirable or feasible?

Federalism can and should only come about with the approval of the Syrian people via a referendum.
From the outset of the Syrian conflict, the PYD has pursued its own self-declared interests.
Filmmor, Actors and Actresses Union, and Association of Movie Actors and Actresses have announced that they are in solidarity with actress Demirel who was dismissed from TV series because of her interview.

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