For the record, Turkey has a president who does not respect and will not obey Constitutional Court decision to free jailed journalists…

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has criticized the recent Constitutional Court ruling that paved the way for the release of two arrested journalists, saying he “does not accept or respect” the decision and vowing not to “obey” it
Constitutional Court General Assembly has ruled journalists Can Dündar and Erdem Gül imprisoned as of November 26 over MİT truck report subjected to violation of right.

AYM Report: Arrest of Gül, Dündar Unlawful

The Application of Gül and Dündar have been referred to General Assembly over Constitutional Court Report confirming “violation of freedom of press and speech and the right to security” concerning the application.
After a ruling by Turkey’s Constitutional Court two journalists who work for the newspaper Cumhuriyet have been released from jail. They were charged for writing a report that claims to show that the Turkish secret service supplied weapons to Syria. President Erdoğan has announced that he will not respect the court ruling. The Turkish press for the most part supports the journalists.

Can the Kurdish question be settled by killing people in Sur?

“Allow us, let us take these people out alive. The state will lose nothing if a civilian group is involved.”

Part of Diyarbakir's old city walls. Part of Diyarbakir’s old city walls. Wikicommons/ Bertil Videt. Some rights reserved.We are in Surici district with Lale Mansur, Zeynep Tanbay, Ferhat Tunc, Aysegul Devecioglu, Bahri Belen and Dilek Gokçin who came from Istanbul today. We meet Sibel Yigitalp, the HDP Diyarbakir deputy who is on constant watch in Sur. Ms. Yigitalp is able to talk with the families inside from time to time. A heavy bombardment is going on. Small snippets of information filter through to where we crowd around.


BirGün daily author Seray Şahiner has been sentenced to a punitive fine in amount of 800 euro for calling Bilal Erdoğan, son of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan “genius” in her article criticizing transforming schools into religious vocational high schools.
The overall state of human rights in Turkey has substantially deteriorated in Turkey since the June 7 general elections

Former Turkish football star charged with insulting President Erdoğan

Hakan Şükür, who became an MP after retiring from football, faces up to four years in jail if convicted over tweets

Turkey’s former international football star Hakan Şükür risks up to four years in jail after being charged with insulting president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Twitter, reports said on Wednesday.


Mavi Boncuk |

Children of the PKK: The Growing Intensity of Turkey’s Civil War
By Katrin Kuntz[1], Onur Burçak Belli and Emin Oezmen (photos) Spiegel SOURCE

Article in PDF

A turning point for Turkey’s Kurds and parliamentary democracy

Ultimately, the fate of Turkish democracy appears to be intertwined with that of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP).


Graffiti artists working on Selahattin Demirtas.

HDP Spokesperson Bilgen said, “Funeral is pain for those left behind, you cannot be the partner of things being said in the funeral” as to Van MP Hezer’s participation in suicide bomber of Ankara attack, Sömez’s condolence.
Journalists Aram Ekin Duran, Aysel Kılıç, Güliz Karaoğlan Vural, Gülşen İşeri, Gülten Üstündağ, Leyla Alp, Nevin Sungur, Pelin Cengiz and Yavuz Baydar are in Diyarbakır for the News Watch. The number of News Watch attenders has become 34.
We have called out “peace!” in Adyghe, Abkhazian, Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Homshetsi, Judaeo Spanish, Kurdish, Lazuri, Ossetic, Romanian, Romaic, Assyrian and Turkish. Because we know that peace is beautiful in every language and much more beautiful when said in every language.
The lawyer of Bilal Erdoğan, the son of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has denied accusations that his client is involved in any money laundering, after Italian media reported that an investigation has been launched against him
CHP has submitted a parliamentary question addressed to Education Minister Avcı over whether he gave permission for a notice demanding that students from local schools march in celebration of President Erdoğan’s birthday
The European Union is turning a blind eye to human rights violations in Turkey in a doomed bid for a solution to its migrant crisis, the leader of Turkey’s main Kurdish party told a Greek newspaper today (17 February).
The co-leader of the Kurdish-problem-focused Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) accused the European Union of turning a blind eye to human rights violations in Turkey in a doomed bid for a solution to its migrant crisis, in an interview with the Greek newspaper on Feb. 17
The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) abandoned an inter-party commission tasked with writing a new charter on Feb. 16 over the presidential system debate

Turkey urged to free Syrian journalist

A media advocacy group calls for the release of Syrian journalist Rami Jarrah, who has been detained in Turkey.

Turkey releases Syrian journalist

Syrian journalist Rami Jarrah, who was arrested on Wednesday in Turkey, has announced his own release without charge.

Sculptor cleared of insulting Erdoğan

A Turkish sculptor has been acquitted on charges of insulting the Turkish president after he was tried for suggesting money won in compensation in a previous case against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was “illicit.”
ECHR has found Turkey guilty of violating the right to life in a case regarding a woman murdered by her husband after filing numerous complaints with the police over the man’s death threats and harassment
A Turkish high-school student’s suicide following a sexual assault by her math teacher in Kayseri has sparked nationwide outrage while resuming the debate about violence against women

ECHR finds Turkey guilty of discrimination for denying music education to blind student

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has determined that Turkey violated the article on the prohibition of discrimination when it denied music education to a blind student

With dozens killed by Ankara car bomb, focus now turns to who is responsible

With no group coming forward at this stage, the Kurdistan Workers party are likely to bear the brunt of the blame – but who else could be behind the attack?

In the absence of any immediate claims of responsibility for Wednesday evening’s rush-hour car bomb attack on a military convoy in Ankara, suspicion is likely to fall, first and foremost, on Kurdistan Workers party (PKK) militants who have been engaged in a renewed, low-intensity conflict with Turkey’s army and security forces since last summer.

Photos taken in the immediate aftermath of a car bomb explosion in Turkey’s capital Ankara display the scale of the blast as at least five people were killed and 10 others were injured

Ankara car bomb aftermath – video

The aftermath of a blast in Ankara on Wednesday. Several people have reportedly been killed in the explosion close to military buildings in the Turkish capital. Turkish television footage shows a plume of black smoke billowing into the sky and a large fire on the ground. Emergency services can also be seen at the scene of the blast

Male Violence 2015 Infographic

bianet is publishing its male violence tally in the form of infographic in English, Turkish and Kurdish. Here are 2015’s 1194 male violence cases…
Some 413 murders of women were reported by the Turkish media in 2015, the Umut (Hope) Foundation has stated in a new report, underlining that the trend has been increasing since the beginning of 2016

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