Journalism agenda: “Source verification: Beware the bots…

Source verification: Beware the bots

Verifying your sources is key to any online investigation. When you find some compelling footage or images, getting to the “who” of where they came from is essential, and First Draft’s VisualVerification Guides give a great overview of things to consider when getting to the source:


The ideal scenario, of course, is to be able to speak directly to a source, if possible and appropriate, on the phone or in person. Even then, mistakes can still happen, especially when a source is pretending to be something or someone they’re not. Often these people are just hoaxers, but there’s a growing trend of accounts acting as sockpuppets: fake online identities set up to push or derail certain political or social agendas….

I will sound like a native of some isolated tribe where death is celebrated — and I might well be accused of dancing on print’s grave — but I think it is wonderful news that London’s Independent is turning off its presses … yet living on.

New York Times threatens to sue publisher of an art book critical of the paper’s war coverage


The critically acclaimed War Is Beautiful: The New York Times Pictorial Guide to the Glamour of Armed Conflict examines the ways in which the newspaper happily propagated the Bush Administration’s lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that resulted in a senseless war that hurt millions of people and immensely enriched Halliburton, Blackwater, the Carlyle Group and other companies with close ties to the Bush and the Cheney families.

What is Yomapic? A tool for finding photos posted to Instagram and Russian-language network VKontakte by their location, either in your web browser or through the smartphone app.

Do I have to pay for it? Nope, it’s totally free.

So how do I use it? When so many people carry a smartphone in their pocket, eyewitnesses to a news event are likely to snap a picture and post it to their social network of choice within minutes.

ESPN is at a crossroads. Its business model, which has long been dependent on cable subscription fees, is becoming tenuous as more people cut the cord. ESPN president John Skipper said last week that the network is in discussions to offer broadcast options on additional streaming services.

AP wants to reach both viewers with VR headsets and those who watch 360-degree videos on their phones

The Accelerated Mobile Pages project has officially arrived. From idea to implementation to launch on Wednesday, it’s been just nine short, frantic, productive, promising months, Google’s head of news and social productsRichard Gingras told me, and less than five months months since Google’sofficial announcement in October.

Chances are good you haven’t been following the day-to-day workings of the House Transportation Committee. But something happened there recently that should have journalists and journalism educators paying attention.

Attached to a Federal Aviation Administration budget reauthorization bill is a little provision that does away with the FAA’s regulation of small drones — clearing the way for journalists, journalism educators, and many others to use flying cameras with fewer rules.

Nearly half of Reddit users go there for 2016 election info

Reddit users are feeling the Bern: That’s one finding from a Pew report, released Thursday, that looks at the role of Reddit as both a news source in general and a destination for information about the 2016 presidential election in particular.

The report found that seven percent of U.S. adults use Reddit. Of those:

[The] user base…is more likely to be young, male and liberal than the general public. 78 percent of Reddit users say they get news there. What’s more, 45 percent of Reddit users learn about the 2016 presidential campaign in a given week from the site. This is on par with the portion of Facebook (52 percent) and Twitter users (43 percent) who get news and information about the election on those platforms and outpaces most other social networking sites asked about.

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