State of Kurdish question in Turkey: “Armored ambulance starts serving in Diyarbakır…Amnesty Turkey 2015/2016 report….

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images It has always been a matter of historical curiosity that one of the American diplomats who was deeply involved in the creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was named Achilles. As the head of the State…

The human rights situation deteriorated markedly following parliamentary elections in June and the outbreak of violence between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Turkish armed forces in July. The media faced unprecedented pressure from the

Russia has responded to Turkey’s statement of “YPG should be excluded from the truce” and US’ statement of “Plan B”.
Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Zaharova has said Turkey’s bombing on Syria from its border is provocation.
Nokta magazine photo journalist Karaoğlan going to Sur within the scope of News Watch has been detained by special forces cops as she was taking photo, and all of her photos have been deleted.
Turkey’s foreign minister has thanked German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her support of the Turkish government’s demand to establish safe zones inside Syria

A Kurdish Convergence in Syria

Turkish opposition must not wreck a rare coalition of forces that has both Russian and American backing.
An armored ambulance has been deployed in Turkey’s southeastern Diyarbakır province by the Health Ministry to serve in Diyarbakır’s Sur district where clashes between security forces and militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) are ongoing

Turkey is confronting what amounts to a strategic nightmare as bombs explode in its cities, its enemies encroach on its borders and its allies seemingly snub its demands. As recently as four years ago, Turkey appeared poised to become one of the

Turkish FM calls on Washington to make up its mind on YPG

Days after expressing his pleasure over seeing his U.S. counterpart agree with Turkey over the “unreliability” of the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has once more accused Washington of making conflicting statements about the YPG and PYD
Diyabakır Bar Association has filed a criminal complaint against the authorities in charge exposing the naked dead bodies of two women lying on the street on charges of “disrespect towards the dead, inciting people to hatred, grudge and hostility, defamation and insulting one’s memories”.
The Turkish Army has released photos from the operations of commando units in central and eastern Turkish provinces which were conducted using unmanned aerial vehicles

Turkey’s Revival of a Dirty ‘Deep State’
Consortium News
The alleged Ergenekon plot drew credibility from an all-too-real alliance of intelligence operatives, criminals and rightist terrorists exposed in the aftermath of the so-called “Susurluk Incident.” A car crash in the Turkish town of Susurluk in 1996 .


Turkey’s patience may run out over the crisis in Syria and it could be forced to take action, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday (11 February), calling on the United Nations to do more to prevent what he said was “ethnic cleansing” in the country.

Pro-Erdogan Turkish papers ‘attacked’

Assailants hurl petrol bombs and fire shots at the offices of two pro-government Turkish newspapers in Istanbul, the papers and the police say.

Javier Couso of the European United Left-Nordic Green Left group (GUE/NGL) has asked the executive to investigate the incident in which the Turkish army killed 60 people in the southeastern town of Cizre.

PYD Co-Chair Müslim said YPG forces will not cross into west of the Euphrates without the coordination of US-led coalition.
Talks between Turkey and Israel to repair ties are going well but a deal has still yet to be reached, ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) spokesman Ömer Çelik said on Feb. 11

Drone footage shows the Bab al-Salama refugee camp on the Syrian border with Turkey. Turkish humanitarian groups IHH and the Independent Doctors Association established the camp over a matter of days to accommodate thousands of Syrian refugees. Turkey’s crossing remains closed, despite pressure from the UN to re-open its border to the increasing number of displaced people

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