As Curfew declared in İdil, expect grave human rights violations…

Curfew Declared in İdil

The teachers in the district had been In-service-training invited to leave the district for an in-service-training earlier last week.
An indefinite curfew has been declared in the southeastern Anatolian district of İdil amid an exodus that has lowered the town’s population by nearly one tenth, days after the interior minister signaled an expansion of military operations against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)
  Two photos of AKP’s war machine displaying the body of a slain woman began to circulate in social media and reminded the display of Ekin Wan’s body in Varto. In the photos, there are marks of torture on the woman’s breasts and thighs. AKP’s war machine, that has been carrying out massacres and burnin

How can we tell whether election results accurately reflect voters’ intentions? The question can be broken into parts. Are proper procedures followed? Are votes correctly counted? Are voters coerced? Is the election fraudulent? Right now, the main

Unlike many Turkish provinces that have received Syrian refugees in large numbers, one hardly sees child beggars on the streets of Kilis in Turkey’s south, as the governorate exerted effort to school minors
Turkey revives plan for safe zone in Syria to stem flow of refugees

Officials call for no-fly zone and ground operation claiming 600,000 Syrians could cross border if Russian airstrikes continue

Doğuş University has suspended peace declaration signatory Prof. Dr. Serdar M. Değirmencioğlu of his duty as Head of Department of Psychology.

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