Cyberculture agenda: “Snapchat: The King of Millennial Micro-Moments…

In 2015, Snapchat put the world on notice that the app is an advertising force to be reckoned with — maybe the advertising force to be reckoned with. NamedAdweek‘s hottest digital brand, Snapchat commanded a reported $750,000 for brands to place ads, and the millennial darling reported more than 6 billion videos daily. Snapchat will become even bigger in 2016 as brands learn how to apply the app to create micro-moments for the surging millennial population.


On Criticising Charlie Hebdo on Facebook, and the Perils of Selective Freedom of Speech

The author's Facebook post (L), and the takedown notice (R) he received within 24 hours of posting.

The author’s Facebook post (L), and the takedown notice (R) he received within 24 hours of posting.

Report: 61% of Fortune 500 CEOs Have No Social Media Presence

Social integration across all levels of your business is a good idea for many reasons: faster customer service, more active roles from marketers, and a broader social presence overall.

Real-time fractal zoomer on the web

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Following up on yesterday’s fractal fun, here’s a real-time fractal zoomer on the web.

Zcash, an Untraceable Bitcoin Alternative, Launches in Alpha

The cryptocurrency, still in testing, could be the closest thing yet to truly anonymous digital money.

If 2015 was the year of mobile and video, what will 2016 hold? Now that most social platforms and many of the companies doing business on them are thinking mobile-first, let’s take a look at what this year has in store.

Moovweb analyzed the 7 biggest mobile commerce trends today, such as the growth of mobile web and wearables. Here’s a glimpse at some of the bigger takeaways from the report:

2015’s worst password was 123456


SplashData’s report on the most commonly-used passwords finds a number of traditional disastrously bad choices performing well: “123456” comes out on top, followed by “password”.

Mayor's Question Time
After accusing Uber of “systematically” breaking the law back in October and resolving to crackdown on its activities in the Capital, the Mayor of London has now backed down in his five-minute rule fight with the company.


SAN FRANCISCO — Wikipedia is getting another source of cash for its 15th birthday, expanding beyond fundraising drives that have already poured $250 million into the Internet’s leading encyclopedia.

Of all piracy related news, a January 2015 report out of Norway gave the strongest indication yet that the key to eliminating piracy is a strong legal offering.

Interactive Map Transports You to Every X-Files Location

Refresh your memory with the setting of every episode of the show before the new Fox miniseries debuts on Sunday.

2001-2016: The evolution of Wikipedia

See how the free online encyclopedia has grown since its launch 15 years ago.

Wikipedia, aspiring to be the definitive free resource for the “sum of all knowledge,” is looking to build its nest egg to ensure a stabler future for the site, which turns 15 today.

At 15, Wikipedia Is Finally Finding Its Way to the Truth

Today, Wikipedia celebrates its 15th birthday. In Internet years, that’s pretty old. But it’s only just reaching maturity.

It has 38 million articles in 289 languages but critics say Wikipedia needs to do more to encourage diversity.


Google Drive is a blessing to anyone who wants to collaborate on documents or organize their own work. But it can get to the point where there’s so much to keep track of that finding the right file or folder is a challenge.

Hacker Lexicon: What Are DoS and DDoS Attacks?

Hacker Lexicon: What Are DoS and DDoS Attacks?

Denial of service attacks used to just be a nuisance. But they’re getting more powerful and more insidious.

seedr-3BitTorrent is a formidably popular tool. More than 170 million people regularly use the protocol to share files of all sizes, with the majority using desktop software clients such as uTorrent and popular crowd-pleaser qBitTorrent.


Meet Symphony, the Company That Tracks Netflix’s Elusive Ratings

Until now, streaming services have been a black box of unknown viewership data. But the Shazam of television seeks to change all that.

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