as of 11 a.m. At least 10 dead in Sultanahmet, İstanbul explosion… Istanbul news roundup…

An explosion occurred on Jan. 12 in Istanbul’s touristic Sultanahmet neighborhood, reportedly causing injuries and deaths
Gömülü resim için kalıcı bağlantı
Explosion in Sultanahmet

A blast took place in Sultanahmet Square of İstanbul.
Explosion rocks square in central Istanbul

Turkish media report several people killed and wounded by blast in historic Sultanahmet district of city

Istanbul explosion: 10 people killed in tourist area – live updates

  • Explosion hits Sultanahmet area
  • Istanbul governor says 10 people killed and 15 wounded

The office of Istanbul governor says 10 people were killed and 15 wounded, according to CNN Turk.

İstanbul Valiliği: Patlamada 10 kişi öldü, 15 kişi yaralandı

IstanbulSeveral people are said to be injured following an explosion in the historic district of Sultanahmet, close to the Blue Mosque, in Istanbul, according to multiple reports

Several dead in Istanbul explosion

At least 10 people have been killed in an explosion in a district of Istanbul popular with tourists, city authorities say.
Turkish media report casualties after the blast hit the city’s historic Sultanahmet square.
A strong Lodos wind in Istanbul caused a number of cancelations in flights and ferries in Istanbul on Jan. 12
The editor of a new selection of classic writing by visitors to Istanbul since the 16th century talks to the Hürriyet Daily News
Three people have died from swine flu over the past three days at a hospital in Istanbul
Murder in Istanbul: Kremlin’s hand suspected in shooting of Chechen

The shooting in broad daylight of Abdulvakhid Edelgireyev – a key Chechen Islamist figure who fought with an al-Qaida affiliate in Syria – is the latest in a series of audacious killings of enemies of the Russian state in the Turkish city

Neighborhood in İstanbul like New York’s Chinatown for Syrians

The Yusufpaşa neighborhood in the Fatih district of İstanbul has become home to a considerable Syrian population, reminiscent of Chinatown in New .
 Coffee meets three cities in Istanbul exhibition

Istanbul’s Mili Reasürans Art Gallery’s exhibition titled “Three Cities, One Coffee: Cairo, Istanbul, Vienna” explores the culture of coffee with

Shopkeepers at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest covered markets in the world and hosts more than 3,000 stores. It is estimated that 250,000 to 400,000

Murder in Istanbul: Kremlin’s hand suspected in shooting of Chechen

Abdulvakhid Edelgireyev, a key figure in the Chechen separatist insurgency, was shot five times in broad daylight in Istanbul last month. Photograph
Bournemouth Echo

Travel: Beautiful and historic, Istanbul will take your breath away

And if you didn’t know already this you could work it out by spending even just a little time in vibrant, colourful, fast developing Istanbul, the meeting of

[Photo Story] İstanbul: A monument of mankind

İstanbul is still the most valuable and important city we have. Whoever leans out of their window to take in the view, is amazed by the breathtakin
Greek Reporter

Greek Community in Istanbul Celebrates Epiphany

Istanbul was Celebrating Epiphany A bitterly cold Wednesday morning saw the return of one of Istanbul‘s oldest – and most demanding – religious

Multiple Kafka in Istanbul: Jirí Slíva, one of the Czech Republic´s most prominent illustrators, famed across Europe for his witty cartoons, exhibits a series of lithographs and etchings at the Schneidertempel Arts Center, in Istanbul´s Karakoy district.

A Very Quick Guide to Istanbul

Istanbul is a multi-faceted city with new and old culture stuffed into every pocket of every back alley. There seem to be just as many cafés packed with

An Examination of the Nude Figure in Turkish Art at the Pera Museum

At the Pera Museum in Istanbul a show examines how Turkish artists fought cultural restrictions a century ago in order to paint the nude figure.

Shiites protest cleric’s execution outside Saudi consulate inİstanbul

A group of Shiite demonstrators went to the Saudi Consulate in İstanbulon Sundayto protest against Saudi Arabia’s execution of an influential cleric

Heavy snow in Istanbul

Heavy snowfall left Istanbul the historic capital of the Ottoman Empire veiled under a curtain of white with snow covering the domes of mosques and

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