Kebap Chefs continuously mistakenly linked to ISIS…”Number of People in Prisons Increases by 10.1%…

Yes, I have visited their Kebap place. They do it deliciously, and they have nothing to do with ISIS. Maybe they should shorten their beard though…

Chefs falsely linked to ISIL serve kebab to journalists, Turkish officials

A senior Turkish government official and his team hosted a group of journalists to brief them about the latest tensions with Russia, albeit at a less than ordinary venue for a confidential talk – a kebab house in central Istanbul
Turks have a low engagement rate in citizenship activities other than casting their vote in elections, according a new joint academic survey

Number of People in Prisons Increases by 10.1%

According to TUİK’s stats of 2014, 204 out of every 100,000 persons were in penal institution whereas the figure was 163 in 2010.

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