Eurosphere agenda: Far right National Front success in French regional vote…


France’s far right National Front won more support than any other party in the first round of regional elections Sunday, according to polling agency projections, in a new boost for Marine Le Pen’s anti-immigration strategy and a new blow to President Francois Hollande’s Socialists.


Marine Le Pen’s National Front wins at least 30 percent of the vote nationwide, three weeks after deadly Paris attacks.

SPECIAL REPORT / Delegates meet again in Paris this week for the final five days of negotiations to reach an international deal to cap global warming, painfully aware that much work remains to be done.


VIDEO: Bono’s onstage Paris tribute

U2 singer Bono pays tribute to the people of Paris during the band’s concert in the city on Sunday night.

David Cameron warned not to condone abuse at Bulgarian border

The prime minister comes under fire from Oxfam after praising Bulgaria’s attack-dog and razorwire border operation


MAIN FOCUS: ECB extends bond-buying programme | 04/12/2015

The ECB announced on Thursday that it would prolong its controversial bond-buying programme until March 2017. Because investors had expected an increase in the volume of monthly purchases, stock markets around the world slumped on Thursday. But the investors’ disappointment is unjustified, commentators write, and doubt that Europe’s economy can be saved with additional money.


Surveillance after Paris

There’s little evidence that “mass surveillance” catches potential terrorists, but it does risk catching innocents. More conventional police methods are more effective against terrorism.

Heavy police presence at Place de la Republique, November 17, 2015.Heavy police presence at Place de la Republique, November 17, 2015. Demotix/ Michael Debets. All rights reserved.The Friday 13 events in Paris were horrendous – bloody and heartless attacks without warning on innocent civilians enjoying a warm November evening, in restaurants and bars, at a concert and a soccer game. A few days before, I had been walking through neighbouring districts, taking in the sights and sounds of a great city. Unfortunately, French responses thus far follow a familiar pattern… So border checks were increased with ramped-up databases and reinforced surveillance.

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