Dirty deals: after £2bn EU border control deal, Turkey immediately rounds up hundreds of migrants While the world of Turkey’s people smugglers is hiding in plain sight…

Hiding in plain sight: inside the world of Turkey’s people smugglers

Thousands of refugees are continuing to board boats to Europe everyday despite the worsening winter weather

The most difficult issue to agree on during the G-20 Summit that took place last month in Antalya, Turkey, was climate change, a global challenge for which world leaders have gathered today in Paris
Turkey rounds up hundreds of migrants

Hours after deal with EU about migrants, Turkish authorities round up some 1,300 migrants who were allegedly bound for Greece, state news reports.
Turkey arrests 1,300 asylum seekers after £2bn EU border control deal

Three people smugglers held along with hundreds of Syrians, Afghans, Iranians and Iraqis after country vows to curb flow of refugees in return for aid


It has to be seen if Sunday’s EU-Turkey Summit, and the “Action Plan” it produced, re-energizes stalled ties and resuscitates Ankara’s membership talks
Before the climate conference in Paris, there were huge “climate justice” demonstrations all over the world
World leaders launched a whirlwind day of talks in the French capital on Nov. 30 aimed at forging an elusive agreement to stave off calamitous global warming

ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 26, climate activist Joel Domenjoud’s day started with a phone call saying that police had broken down the doors of a friend’s squat, arresting at least two people. Fearing that his home would be next, Domenjoud slipped out of the little apartment that he shares with his girlfriend in the Paris suburb of Malakoff.

E.U. Offers Turkey 3 Billion Euros to Stem Migrant Flow

European Union leaders met with Turkey’s prime minister on Sunday, promising aid and other inducements in exchange for Turkish action to clamp down on asylum seekers

Letter from Paris: which side will prevail?

The state of emergency is being used to harass ecological activists and to block demonstrations denouncing the irresponsibility of governments in facing up to climate change, during the COP21 meeting.

Forbidden demonstration for opening of COP21 in Lyon.Forbidden demonstration for opening of COP21 in Lyon. Demoted/ Benjamin Larderet. All rights reserved.On this chilly evening of November 27, a few hundred people are in the Place de la République. Many are meditating, praying, or just silent around the big statue of the Republic in the middle of the square, surrounded with candles, messages of peace, children’s drawing, flags of different countries, and banners. An Arab is selling French flags. International TV channels have parked their vans nearby.Even an organic farm was raided by the gendarmes, perhaps looking for bombs in the cabbages, and placards denouncing environment policies were seized as “terrorist” materials.

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