Eurosphere agenda: “Catalonia votes to start Spain secession…”Lufthansa cabin crew strike affects 113,000 passengers…

For the last five years, Greece has been synonymous with a major economic crisis, the first in the eurozone
Catalonia votes to start Spain secession

The Spanish region of Catalonia adopts a resolution supporting independence from Spain, but Spain’s PM says his government will challenge it.

A ‘roadmap’ to nowhere? Catalan parliament votes to begin independence process


FRANKFURT, Germany — Some 113,000 Lufthansa passengers were facing domestic and international cancellations Monday due to all-day walkouts at three German airports staged by a cabin crew union protesting cost cuts.

Cameron: Security at stake in EU vote

David Cameron is to tell business leaders Britain’s security is at stake in the upcoming referendum on EU membership, a day before he sets out his negotiating demands in more detail.

With most of the votes counted it appears that the conservative opposition has won the parliamentary election in Croatia, with the ruling Social Democrats trailing behind in second place. The third strongest party, and therefore a potential coalition partner, is the new liberal party Most. This party will initiate reforms in the country, some commentators write. Others fear Croatia will move further away from the EU once more.

For most Europeans, the climate change threat is elsewhere: the rising sea levels in south Asia; crop failures in Africa; mightier storms in the tropics, drought in the developing world.

A Dutch doctor has taken leave from work, but rather than going on holiday he is volunteering on Lesbos to help refugees in need of medical attention.
Prime Minister David Cameron favours holding a referendum on Britain’s European Union membership in June next year if leaders of other member states agree to the bulk of his reform plans at a December summit, The Times newspaper reported on Nov. 9
Though the country has agreed to accept just 6,800 refugees from Syria and Eritrea, critics say even that is too many.

Petros Fassoulas is Secretary General of European Movement International

The new government will have to nurture a tentative economic recovery after six years of recession and deal with thousands of migrants from the Middle East streaming through the tiny Adriatic state on their way to western and northern Europe.

On 2 November 2015 ESI’s Kristof Bender was invited to participate in a discussion on the topic “Europe – a shel …

Impressions from a Czech refugee detention centre

“Leave everything valuable in your car or in a locker. They will try to steal it all,” says the woman in charge of the well-being of refugees in the detention centre.

Entrance to the detention camp for foreigners in Bělá-Jezová, Czech Republic. Photo used with permission of author.”Leave everything valuable in your car or in a locker. They will try to steal it all,” says a middle-aged woman who introduces herself as the one responsible for the wellbeing of the refugees stranded in a detention facility approximately 70 kilometres north of Prague.

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