“A day out in Istanbul for disabled Syrian children… Istanbul news roundup…

A Turkish aid foundation organizes trips to Hagia Sophia and the Topkapı Palace for around 30 Syrian children aged between five and 12
This week marks the anniversary of the Haydarpaşa Train Station, which began its long and later troubled history on Nov 4, 1909, as one of the major train stations of the world
Istanbul Modern Cinema is presenting the fourth edition of its newly released Turkish films program titled “Count Us In”

Istanbul native finds her city transformed by Syrian refugees

Children are wondering around standstill Istanbul traffic, selling water bottles, flower bouquets, selfie sticks and fake phone chargers, or begging to ..
‘Strangeness in My Mind’ explores Istanbul with the eyes of an amiable Everyman

Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk has written about his native city many times, most recently in the memoir “Istanbul” and a 2008 novel, “The Museum of …
The death toll from bootleg alcohol in Istanbul has risen to 28 after forensic examinations have revealed another five deaths caused by alcohol poisoning

A Greek Travel Guide to Istanbul

The Byzantine Empire’s capital was Constantinople which the Ottomans renamedIstanbul. Although, the Byzantine Empire fell in 1453, to be followed ..

‘Tulip seats’ for women in Istanbul

Parks get single seats for women who feel uncomfortable sharing a bench with men.

Chechen shot dead by assailants in İstanbul

Vahit Tarzayi Vazalina, a 31-year-old Chechen man, was shot and killed by two assailants in İstanbul’s Başakşehir district at around 1 p.m. on Sunday.

Istanbul’s may be a risk but it’s full of eastern promise

Obviously recent events have made the prospect of a trip to the country a bit daunting, but like a lot of people in the fashion business, Istanbul features
Lost Coast Outpost


Most people were late that morning. All over Istanbul, and throughout the country, people spent the rest of the day wondering what the hell time it was .

W20 makes its mark in Istanbul

It was a privilege for me to be a delegate, and Australia’s representative, to the first ever summit for the Women 20 engagement group in Istanbul on ..

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