For the record, last weekend Turkey shot down a drone with in a majestic operation… just that that drone might be a toy…

Numan Kurtulmuş, the deputy prime minister of Turkey, confirms on Friday that the country’s military shot down an unidentified aircraft after it violated Turkish airspace. Kurtulmuş says the aircraft, reported to be a drone, was given several warnings which went unheeded prior to the armed forces taking action near the Syrian border. The unmanned aircraft is said to be of a similar size and shape to those used by Russia for surveillance


Turkish Jets Shoot Down Drone Near Syria

“Our aircraft on patrol mission on the border fired and shot down the vehicle within the rules of engagement,” Turkey’s military said.
Turkish jets have shot down an “aerial vehicle” near the Syrian border, the Turkish military said in a written statement on Oct. 16, in the latest sign of the tensions on Turkey’s southern borders

Understanding conspiracy theories in the Turkish context

Two important elements in the prevalence of conspiracy rhetoric is secrecy and political insecurities in Turkish politics.

Imagining conspiracies

Bust of Ziya Gökalp, founding father of Turkish sociology, Diyarbakir. Bust of Ziya Gökalp, founding father of Turkish sociology, Diyarbakir. Wikicommons/Cemaliamec.Some rights reserved.Conspiracy theories proliferate about many significant events ranging from global warming to assassinations and influence public opinion. For example, the conspiratorial perspective on Jews constitutes the backbone of anti-Semitic ideology. Conspiracy theories have not attracted sufficient attention, basically because a strong intellectual current sees conspiracy theories as deluded accounts that divert people’s attention from the reality.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan claimed on Oct. 16 that the European Union had “woken up too late” to Turkey’s importance in stemming the flow of refugees from Syria and accused it of “insincerity” in talks on Turkish membership.
Turkey’s government has run a 13.5 billion Turkish Lira ($4.66 billion) budget deficit for the first nine months of 2015, the Turkish Finance Minister said on Oct. 16

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