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Happy Ada Lovelace Day! Please join us in commemorating the life of Ada Lovelace by celebrating the achievements – past and present – of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


‘The question is, if I was a traitor, who did I betray?’ This is the exclusive full transcript of the interview with Edward Snowden, aired on BBC World TV on 10 October 2015.

Snowden mask at Freedom not Fear march, Berlin. Flickr/mw238. Some rights reserved.Snowden mask at Freedom not Fear march, Berlin. Flickr/mw238. Some rights reserved.Peter Taylor: Why did you decide to do what you did?

Edward Snowden: When I was sitting at my desk, working with tools of mass surveillance every day, I saw that all of our communications were being intercepted all of the time in the absence of any suspicion of wrongdoing. And this was something that was occurring without our knowledge, without our consent.

ACLU Files New Appeal in Drone Lawsuit

The Central Intelligence Agency is under renewed legal pressure to release “thousands” of records pertaining to its international drone war, following an appeal filed Monday by the American Civil Liberties in Washington, D.C. The motion comes just days after The Intercept published an eight-part series based on cache of secret documents detailing the U.S. military’s parallel reliance on unmanned airstrikes in the war on terror.

“If you can dream it, you can code it.” As Europe Code Week begins, Microsoft asked some of Europe’s young coders to share more about why they code in this short video.

So You Want to Conduct Open-Source Research

"Dreaming" by a4gpa. October 3, 2009. CC 2.0. Edited by Kevin Rothrock.

“Dreaming” by a4gpa. October 3, 2009. CC 2.0. Edited by Kevin Rothrock.

There’s No DRM in JPEG—Let’s Keep It That Way

If you have ever tried scanning or photocopying a banknote, you may have found that your software—such as Adobe Photoshop, or the embedded software in the photocopier—refused to let you do so. That’s because your software is secretly looking for security features such as EURion dots in the documents that you scan, and is hard-coded to refuse to let you make a copy if it finds them, even if your copy would have been for a lawful purpose.

Playboy’s ‘No Nudes’ Is What Happens When Platforms Rule

Playboy says it’s covering up its models. The move is a stark example of how content is dictated by the platforms that drive readers to stories.

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