Clue for AKP authoritarianism: “Intelligence + religious affairs” set to take huge share of Turkey’s 2016 budget

Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency (MİT) and Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) will see dramatic rises in their shares of the upcoming year’s budget
Turkey’s Nobel laureate has warned the country could collapse into sectarian conflict and blamed President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for the climate of insecurity brutally illustrated by Oct. 10 deadly attacks in Ankara
One of the 97 victims of the twin Ankara bombing, Ali Kitapçı, the secretary of the United Trade Union of Transport Employees’ (BTS) Ankara branch, has been laid to rest in the Turkish capital, following a ceremony held at the city’s main train station where the bombs were detonated.
Bianet talked to journalists Çelik and Taşan from Diyarbakır bureau of Dicle News Agency which has been blocked 24 times about oppressions.
Sauli Niinistö, the Finnish President who will launch his Turkey visit Oct. 13, jokingly fears he will find it difficult to find his way in the Turkish presidential palace, which has been a source of debate for its size and cost
Renowned Turkish actor Levent Kırca died of liver cancer early on Oct. 12 in Istanbul. He was 67
A total of 102 autopsies have been conducted after the twin bombing in Ankara on Oct. 10, according to forensics reports, even though the state’s latest death toll remains at 97 victims
The headline might come as a surprise since the Ankara bombing was the deadliest terror attack in Turkey’s history

Turkish officials claim ‘concrete evidence’ of Isis link to bombings

Government sources tell the Guardian they have found link with Suruç attack in July blamed on Islamic State, and have been tracking group for months

Turkish officials said they had firm evidence linking Islamic State to the twin suicide bombings that killed scores of people at a peace rally in the country’s deadliest ever terrorist attack.

Suspicion mounts in Turkey as peace activists bury their dead

Grief turns to anger as Kurdish and Turkish activists say Saturday’s bombing in Ankara was a result of careless, even deliberate government policy

Conspiracy theories about the bomb attacks are a symptom of increasing lack of trust in the Turkish governmentAs Turks mourn the deaths of the more than 100 people killed in Saturday’s bomb attacks, there is just as much anger as grief across the nation. The announcement by the Turkish prime minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu, that Islamic State was behind the bombings will assuage neither emotion. The domestic turmoil created by Turkey’s war with Kurdish armed groups, and the spillover of violence and chaos from the wider Middle East, mean that Turks are unlikely to be satisfied by simple assertions of this kind.

Nothing seems to be enough to bring Turks together these days, even in the face of tragedy or triumph, and analysts point to divided leadership.

Thousands gather across Turkey for funerals of Ankara bomb victims – video

Thousands of mourners gather across Turkey for the funerals of victims of Saturday’s bombings. In Tunceli, around 500 miles east of Ankara, thousands chant ‘Thief! Murderer! Erdogan!’ as two coffins are carried through the crowds. In Suruc, near the Syrian border, three more victims were buried and in Ankara a large crowd of people gathered as another coffin was taken away to the burial site following a service

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