Demirtaş in CNN: “Turkish government complicit in Ankara blast


Turkish government is complicit in the Ankara blast for turning a blind eye to ISIL and failing to put appropriate security in place, HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş told CNN International
We share the stories that we could find of the ones to call for peace in Ankara.

Ankara Bombing Sets Turkey Into Uncharted Waters

The brazen act of terrorism that saw 128 people killed at a political rally in Ankara this weekend traces back at least somewhat to government missteps in feeding Syrian violence — violence that appears to have now migrated home.

The attack by two suicide bombers, whose victims had gathered in support of the opposition party HDP, or Peoples’ Democratic Party, has sent Turkey into uncharted territory. Unlike two bombings earlier this summer, which hit restive parts of the country, this one occurred near the heart of the capital city of Ankara. It was also the single deadliest terrorist incident in Turkish history.

Video: Police pepper-gassing survivors right after the explosion. 


Quality of Turkey’s CSI services comes under scrutiny as passers-by have discovered body remains at three different locations at the Ankara blast site
The police have attacked people who wanted to board Kadıköy-Eminönü ferry in order to protest Ankara bombing in Beyazıt district of İstanbul.
Turkey’s Republican People’s Party (CHP) plans to take a parliamentary move for recognition of the victims in the Oct. 10 double suicide bombings in Ankara that killed at least 97 people as “martyrs” in a bid to provide support for their families left behind.
Turkey has a list of suspects who may carry out suicide bombings but cannot take legal action unless suspects commit a suicide attack, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said, in the wake of a deadly bombing attack in Ankara, believed by to be a suicide bombing
We couldn’t banish your impertinently spilling evilness after this kind of massacre. It became a worry to us but you couldn’t either intimidate or destroy us and you cannot. You learn to live with it!
Ambassadors from European Union countries paid their respects to the 97 victims of the twin blasts at a peace rally in Ankara

Turkish investigators are working on the assumption that the Ankara attack was carried out by two suicide bombers belonging to the terrorist Islamic State organisation, Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said on Monday. No one should be surprised at the presence of jihadists in Turkey, some commentators write. Others fear more acts of violence before the election on the basis that they could help the ruling AKP to win.

How dangerous is Turkey’s unrest?

How dangerous is Turkey’s unrest?

Turkey terror attack: mourning after scores killed in Ankara blasts

  • More than 90 killed by blasts in Turkish capital
  • Two explosions target pro-Kurdish peace rally near main train station
  • Suicide bombers mount attack three weeks before elections
  • PM declares three days of national mourning

Newly-married victims of Ankara blast laid to rest

Newly-married couple Yılmaz Elmascan and Gülhan Karlı Elmascan died together along with their friends from the United Trade Union of Transportation Workers in Ankara.

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