Cyberculture agenda: Major Tech Companies’ Stand on Encryption…

Comparing the Public Encryption Policies from 21 of the Biggest Tech Companies

There’s a major battle brewing over encryption right now.

Law enforcement agencies are trying to demand “backdoors” to our sensitive data and communications, while civil liberties groups are fighting back through a new campaign called SaveCrypto. And President Obama seems to be trying to find a middle ground, eschewing legal mandates but continuing to informally pressure companies to provide unencrypted access to data.

If you’re the type of person who gets lost in Wikipedia pages when you’re browsing, Histography is for you. The interactive timeline lets you sift through every single historical event that’s been documented on Wikipedia. That’s pretty much everything from the big bang right up until today. Each dot on the timeline represents an event and it’s updated daily.

5 major cyber hacks and the tools that might stop them next time

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2015 might be remembered as the year of the hacker. Just by using the Internet, you’re subject to all manner of ways your private information is put at risk – tracking, malware, identity theft and data breaches…

Edward Snowden May Be the Most Powerful Person on Twitter

Edward Snowden May Be the Most Powerful Person on Twitter

In a world in which public figures and celebrity endorsements can give a weighty nudge, Snowden seems to be quickly entering the top echelon.


If you have an Instagram account, you’ve probably seen your fair share of Eiffel Tower photos. But did you know there are cities all over the world — albeit less-famous ones — that are just as ‘gram-able?

matine-smallTopsites are top-secret, high-speed servers used by piracy release groups and their affiliates for the storage and distribution of unauthorized copyrighted content. Together, these silicon-powered caches and their carbon-based operators form an entity known as The Scene.

Members of this tight-knit but sprawling network are known for their vigilance, and for good reason too. As the source of tens – maybe hundreds – of thousands of ‘pirate’ releases every year, law enforcement has a keen interest in bringing them down. But for many the rewards of Scene life are well worth the risks. Twenty years ago, SaInT began taking lots of them.

Israeli non-profit space exploration company SpaceIL has announced that it’s become the first company to successfully deliver a launch contract in pursuit of Google’s $30 million lunar XPRIZE payout.

The European Union no longer considers the United States a “safe harbor” for data because the National Security Agency surveillance exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden “enables interference, by United States public authorities, with the fundamental rights of persons.”


An official New Zealand government bulletin on yesterday’s conclusion of the still-secret Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations accidentally confirmed something we all believed was in there all along: an extension of copyright terms to match the USA’s bizarre, evidence-free, century-plus terms.(more…)


Google is tinkering again, this time bringing a live wallpaper that may actually be useful. Meter, a project from Google’s Creative Lab, will tell you when you might want to charge your device or use cellular instead of Wi-Fi. Conceptually, the wallpaper also acts as a widget, which displays information like battery level, app usage and notifications..

The Downside Of Data

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool. Related posts: A New Era For Data How Data Will Transform Science What Is Big Data? (and what do we…

Much has changed in the nearly ten years since we launched our first lawsuit challenging the NSA’s illegal surveillance of millions of Americans’ Internet communications. Over time, the defendants in the cases have changed; the legal “authority” the government has invoked to justify the program has changed; and the public’s knowledge and understanding of the programs has increased remarkably.



Reddit’s Uneasy Road to Social Media Maturity

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