Cyberculture agenda: “Internet Society Statement on the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Summit

Fri, 09/25/2015

Internet Society President and CEO Kathryn Brown issued the following statement:

This week, the United Nations is hosting the Sustainable Development Summit (SDS) where the international community will embrace a global agenda to alleviate poverty, expand health and education, and preserve our planet for future generations.  This global Agenda is about opportunity – the opportunity to improve the lives of people worldwide through development and partnership.

First issue of new feminist hacker zine


Audrey writes, “The Recompiler is a new feminist hacker magazine dedicated to learning about technology in a fun and inclusive way. The first issue of the magazine is now online, with articles about glitchy art, 80s tech, SSL bugs, and the flaws in DNS.”

The Women Who Won Net Neutrality

As reported by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, a privacy agency of the French government has rejected an appeal by Google that the ‘right to be forgotten’ be limited to just European versions of the search engine.
4chan has been sold to Japanese messaging board 2Channel‘s founder, by 4chan’s Christopher Poole (also known as ‘moot’), after 12 years and 2 billion posts on the site. Hiroyuki Nishimura, founder of 2Channel, acquired the site which now sees more than 20 million monthly users and will act as president of the site. 4chan has had no venture capital money and never employed any staff full-time. According to The New York Times, 2Channel was ironically the inspiration for Poole to create the message board.

Ahmed Mohamed Is Silicon Valley’s New Hero

Ahmed Mohamed Is Silicon Valley’s New Hero

The head honchos of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies are vying for a visit from the world’s most famous teen Maker.

vJBVqV, the kid is charming. He reveals that he’s switching high-schools, thanks his supporters, discussing his inventing and tinkering, and talks about his delight at being invited to the White House.

Facebook Retargeting Rising (Report)

The retail churches of the cult of Apple

Apple Store Church

ppausAside from promoting copyright reform, Pirate parties worldwide are fierce defenders of online privacy.

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