Eurosphere agenda: “Separatists win in Catalonia..

VIDEO: Voting under way in Catalonia

Voting is under way in local elections in the Spanish region of Catalonia, seen as a test of support for independence.

The separatist coalition Junts pel Sí and the far-left party CUP won an absolute majority of the parliamentary seats in the regional elections in Catalonia on Sunday. Spain’s central government must take the election outcome seriously, some commentators urge, saying that it will give separatist movements in other European countries fresh impetus.

Catalan vote fuels independence drive

Catalan separatists say their regional election win allows them to push for independence from Spain, although they won less than 50% of the vote.

Separatists on Sunday (27 September) won a clear majority of seats in Catalonia’s parliament, in an election that sets the region on a collision course with Spain’s central government over independence.

Jeremy Corbyn’s victory: a European moment

Europe’s troubles have discredited elites and fuelled the populist right. Can Labour’s new leader win an argument for change from the left?

Why commentators in the United Kingdom and Europe should be surprised by Jeremy Corbyn’s decisive victory in the Labour party’s leadership election is anybody’s guess. True, his was not a household name even in Britain, and when he entered the race in June – a month after the party’s clear defeat in the general election – it seemed to have been practically by default. When early polling suggested he had a chance of winning, the British media reacted (a few exceptions apart) with fury, mauling the left-wing member for Islington North and his radical views with gusto. Many pundits, following the polls too closely, got the result of the May election wrong. This, then, was a double shock. The failure of judgment involved, as seen also over European issues and the rise of ISIS, reflects the fact that deeper political shifts are now underway which too often escape the notice of a media obsessed by fashions, surfaces, and the short term.

Banksy’s Dismaland closes its doors

Visitors to Banksy’s Dismaland view the pop-up “bemusement park” for the final time.
BBC correspondents’ migrant pictures

The photos that haunted BBC reporters
Listening to the streets: the Spanish case

Four years after Spain was shaken by mass protests, the country’s electoral politics are changing. Have human rights organizations been affected and will they also change? EspañolPortuguês

Joachim Gauck has warned that there are limits to how many refugees his country can absorb as it prepares for as many as 800,000 arrivals this year.

Corbyn versus Snark

Bob Dylan provides a sound-track for Britains’ liberal commentariat post-Corbyn: “something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mister Jones?”

VIDEO: Crowds out for Paris ‘car-free’ day

Crowds of pedestrians and cyclists converge on the Champs-Elysees in Paris as the city holds a “car-free” day.

Austria’s far-right Freedom Party (FPO) doubled its votes to finish a strong second in a state election on Sunday (27 September), dealing a blow to the two main centrist parties which were left nursing heavy losses.

Prosecutors to probe former VW boss

German prosecutors begin an investigation against former Volkswagen chief executive Martin Winterkorn.

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