Eurosphere agenda: “Facebook, German Officials to Target Refugee-Related Hate Posts…


Google’s charitable arm is pledging to donate an additional $5.5 million to groups trying to help the thousands of refugees pouring into Europe

Refugees Met with Generosity and Suspicion in France

Les manifestations dans les grandes villes européennes en faveur des réfugiés ( various sources)

Demonstrations in large European cities in favor of refugees (various sources)

There are sprawling industries and self-proclaimed career “terrorism experts” in the U.S. which profit greatly by deliberately exaggerating the threat of Terrorism and keeping Americans in a state of abject fear of “radical Islam.” There are all sorts of polemicists who build their public platforms by demonizing Muslims and scoffing at concerns over “Islamaphobia,” with the most toxic ones insisting that such a thing does not even exist, even as the mere presence of mosques is opposed across the country, or even as they are physically attacked.


Croatia to allow migrant journey north

Croatia says it will allow migrants travelling on to northern Europe as it becomes the new centre of Europe’s migrant crisis.

Corbyn asks PM ‘public’s questions’

New Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn asks David Cameron a series of questions emailed to him from members of the public on housing and tax credits at his debut PMQs.

From David Cameron’s official Twitter account this morning:

I think it’s crass and unbefitting of someone who holds the UK’s most major political office, but it shows how the Tories think they can play Corbyn. I am however not altogether sure this will work, or at least not quite as the Tories expect.

Migrant crisis: Why is it erupting now?

Why is the migrant crisis erupting now?

Rallies in Europe as migrants arrive

Rallies in support of migrants and refugees take place across Europe as more than 9,000 migrants arrive in the German city of Munich.

Refugee crisis is a story of children’s resilience

Many who have travelled to Europe are children and their resilience in the face of adversity would put adults to shame.

Spinning the refugee crisis

We explore Hungarian TV’s decision to not show images of refugee children; plus, Nigeria’s ‘brown envelope’ journalists.

Wolfsburg invite migrants to game

Wolfsburg invite about 1200 migrants to the Champions League home game against CSKA Moscow on 15 September.

Tony Blair promised to put Britain at the heart of Europe, and then failed to do it. Not only did he not take Britain into the Euro, but he also divided the EU over Iraq (preventing the development of a proper EU foreign policy). Meanwhile his delegates to Giscard d’Estaing’s Convention on the Future of Europe insisted on keeping the EU as intergovernmental as possible – something that gave us the messy two-Presidents arrangement (Barroso and Van Rompuy, now Juncker and Tusk) in the EU institutions. Now you might agree or disagree with whether these stances taken by Blair were right or not, but during this period, Britain wanted to be on board but then slow down what the EU was trying to do in some  areas.


Germans chide Facebook over race hate

A top German MP releases a video urging Facebook to remove hate messages from trolls who attack migrants.

Hungary ‘will arrest illegal migrants’

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban says from next week police will arrest anyone crossing the country’s border illegally.

VIDEO: Five facts about the Catalonia rally

A huge rally has taken place in the Spanish region of Catalonia with hundreds of thousands of pro-independence campaigners lining the streets.

Refugees on the Greek shores: a humane response

Dealing with the refugee crisis has become part of the Greek political parties’ agenda due to the forthcoming elections on September 20.

Refugees dropped daily at Piraeus Harbour,Greece. Refugees dropped daily at Piraeus Harbour,Greece. Demotix/ Dimitrios Karvounzis. All rights reserved.September 1922: Greeks flee burning Smyrna to escape death and destruction. Aegean islands receive crowds of exhausted, sick, humiliatedpeople, deprived nearly of everything. 

A new kind of politics in Britain

Corbyn’s win against the odds shows we now live in a world where the iPhone is mightier than the mainstream media.

VIDEO: Caring for isolated refugee children

Sociologist Sissy Levanti describes the challenges faced by the unaccompanied child refugees she cares for in Greece.

French consul sold boats to migrants

France suspends its honorary consul in the Turkish port of Bodrum after a report showed dinghies being sold to migrants from a shop that she owns.

Swiss ditch old hymn and vote for new anthem

Can Swiss choose a national anthem they will actually sing?
The fierce debate over Spain’s controversial bull festival

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