Cyberculture agenda: “Car information security is a complete wreck…

Over the past five years, Operation in Our Sites, the U.S. initiative tackling copyright-infringing websites, has produced several arrests and the seizure of thousands of domains.


Sean Gallagher’s long, comprehensive article on the state of automotive infosec is a must-read for people struggling to make sense of the summer’s season of showstopper exploits for car automation, culminating in a share-price-shredding1.4M unit recall from Chrysler, whose cars could be steered and braked by attackers over the Internet.


Your Android lock patterns are too predictable: A study proves it

Android users may want to reconsider their lock screen patterns. A new study shows that most of us are using very similar patterns to unlock our handsets. Norwegian University of Science and Technology graduate Marte Løge says that 77 percent of participants in her study started their lock-screen patterns from a corner, while 44 percent started from the top left. Her findings were presented at PasswordCon (yup, that’s a thing) in Las Vegas, which sampled over 4,000 user-generated patterns. Løge suggests using crossovers — and not starting from a corner — to get the most secure results. Additionally, she says using…

Why Samsung still has a fighting chance in mobile


“The high end of Android isn’t what it used to be.” Such was the supposition posited to me by a longtime observer of the consumer electronics industry recently.


The state of startups in Israel

In the face of myriad studies, statistics, fundings, and exits among Israeli startups and venture capitalists in the past couple of years, we have decided to undertake an in-depth analysis.

Free six-part course on encrypting email and securing your network sessions against snooping

Jeff sez, “Tuts+ has made my six part introduction to PGP encryption, email and networking privacy available to readers for free.”


A new Pew report was released this week on the social media habits of Americans and it more or less confirms a lot of what we know about millennials, Facebook, and the rising use of messaging apps on smartphones. The data reveals “the noteworthy and rapid emergence of different kinds of communications tools serving different social needs.”
Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 1.55.03 PM
Google and Twitter are getting a little friendlier; you can now view tweet feeds from various accounts and hashtags right from on the desktop. You can search something like “The Next Web Twitter” and Google will pull up a feed of our latest tweets. Alternatively, type in a hashtag and you’ll access a list of trending tweets.

This Robot Is Better at Tinder Than You

This Robot Is Better at Tinder Than You

Find your match with math. Then swipe them right.

Your Android unlock pattern sucks as much as your password did

In Tell Me Who You Are, and I Will Tell You Your Lock Pattern, Marte Løge presented some of her Master’s Thesis research on the guessability of Android lock-patterns — and guess what?


Everyone’s Addicted to Mobile Messaging Apps

Everyone’s Addicted to Mobile Messaging Apps

And the Pew Research Center is on it!

Selfies are really getting out of control

Selfie_karnauchIf you’re going to break the law, maybe don’t document it on Instagram.


Another day, another cyberattack.

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