Journalism agenda: “Azeri journalist dies after beating… “NYT innovations…

Azeri journalist dies after beating

A journalist in Azerbaijan who criticised a popular footballer on social media is fatally beaten by football fans.

Julia Haslanger wants to know how much you make.

Last Friday, Haslanger, a graduate student in CUNY’s social journalism program, released Journo Salary Sharer, which asks journalists to anonymously share their salary information in order to help start a conversation about how much people in different positions throughout the journalism world earn.

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of stories on how news organizations manage their mobile news alerts. Check in each day this week to see how The New York Times, CNN, Breaking News, The Wall Street Journal, and the Detroit Free Press decide which news warrants a push notification, and learn about the process each goes through to send alerts out to their readers. First up: The Times. —LO

If, half a decade ago, you’d been able to put money down in Vegas on The New York Times’ chances of reaching 1 million digital subscribers by 2015, what kind of odds could you have gotten? Longer than longshot. In 2010, when the Timesannounced it would put up a paywall, hardly anyone thought readers would pay for that sort of “commodity” — general news — on the web. TimesSelect, the Times’ first foray into digital paid content in the mid-2000s, had gone bust, and the program’s name served as an easy punchline for the conventional wisdom of the moment.

Since putting up its paywall in 2011, the The New York Times finally has one million subscribers paying for digital content.

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