Eurosphere agenda: “German treason inquiry dropped

German treason inquiry dropped

After a public outcry, Germany’s chief prosecutor drops a treason investigation into two journalists at the Netzpolitik website.
Greece bailout: ‘Minor details’ left

Greece only has minor details to be ironed out with its international creditors to reach a bailout deal, according to Greek finance minister Euclid Tsakalotos.

Tonnes of food imported to Russia from the West despite an embargo and confiscated by customs officers has been destroyed since Thursday. While some commentators see this as a sacrilege, others question the effectiveness of the EU sanctions that preceded Moscow’s food embargo.

Jeremy Corbyn and British foreign policy

The anti-war movement, with all its errors and omissions, is central to Corbyn’s popular appeal.

Image of a Stop the War Coalition march

Are alternatives still possible in Europe?

After five years of crisis marked by rising technocracy and #ThisIsACouphashtags, is the hope of a truly democratic Europe still real? In this second episode of the new web-show TalkReal we continue asking whether change in Europe is still possible. (Video, 23 mins)


European values and the Arab world

Maged Mandour

EU politicians can promote ‘European’ values by stopping their support for autocratic regimes, and by starting to ask tough questions about radicalisation.

The European Commission today approved €2.4 of aid over six years for countries including Greece and Italy that have struggled to cope with a surge in numbers of immigrants.

Germany ‘gained from Greek crisis’

The Greek debt crisis has saved the German government some €100bn in lower borrowing costs, a study finds.
Saying no to EU laws: Cameron’s plan

Saying no to EU laws

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