Cyberculture agenda: #Alphabet is the new Google

Now It Can Be Evil! Twitter Reacts to Google’s Alphabet

Rarely is the Internet simply handed a joke fest on this scale.

A New Company Called Alphabet Now Owns Google

Google has reorganized itself into multiple companies, spinning off several of its most ambitious projects alongside its core Internet business under a new umbrella company called Alphabet.

REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

What was Google before? To most people it was a ‘search’ company. It is the name that became a verb. I’ll just Google that for you.
Google’s New Parent Company Alphabet Has a Killer URL

When you’re the world’s dominant Internet company, you need a great URL. And Alphabet, Google’s new parent company, doesn’t disappoint.


If you know Sundar Pichai at all, it’s probably because you’ve suffered through one of the three-hour long Google I/O keynotes he has anchored in recent years. Softly spoken and thickly accented with a gangly, slightly stooped posture, it’s fair to say Pichai is not the world’s most charismatic stage presence

Google Alphabet
Google as we know it will no longer exist. The company is reorganizing under a new umbrella structure called Alphabet, helmed by Google co-founders Larry Page as CEO and Sergey Brin as President.
The Guy Who Owns @Alphabet Is About to Get Paaaaaid

The Guy Who Owns @Alphabet Is About to Get Paaaaaid

The father in Cleveland, Ohio who owns @alphabet is having a very good day.

g google
Google just dropped a huge bomb on the tech world today that it will be restructuring under a new umbrella company called Alphabet. It also offered up a new website to go along with the announcement: In typical Google fashion, the site has a childlike aura, playing with alphabet blocks as the concept for all the companies that will fall under Alphabet, Inc. An obvious example: G is for Google. Then I looked over to the right of the page. And my eyes cannot unsee. “MAD SEX”? Google/Alphabet has officially become the Disney of tech landing pages. Intentional or…
What Google, I Mean Alphabet, Looks Like Now

What Google, I Mean Alphabet, Looks Like Now

Along with its new name, some of Google’s businesses are splitting off to become their own separate companies. Here’s a breakdown.

How Google Became Alphabet, From A to Z

How Google Became Alphabet, From A to Z

WIRED has followed Google since the beginning. From its roots to the present day, the history of the company formerly known as Google offers hints at where Alphabet might be headed.

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