Turkish Foreign Ministry denies but more documents appear about Turkey’s “Dirty Operation”


Turkey: Cumhuriyet, Turkish 007 drivers for IS in Syria

ANSAmedJun 11, 2015
The title on Cumhuriyet’s front page today is ‘Kirli Operasyon’, ‘Dirty operation’. Bypassing the line of combat between Kurdish fighters and terrorist jihadists in …
Turkey denies report of sending weapons, fighters to ISIL
InternationalToday’s ZamanJun 11, 2015

Turkey says Syria-bound weapons claims part of “defamation campaign”

Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman denied allegations of Turkey sending weapons to Syria and allowing the crossing of fighters into the war-torn country.
The EU’s executive body has submitted a letter to the European Council, proposing opening the Economic and Monetary Policy chapter in accession talks with Turkey
Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş said Turkey has up to now allowed crossings of Syrians through Akçakale, but it will no longer let them enter and will henceforth stop their crossing, as “there is no longer a humanitarian tragedy.”
Turkey and the European Union have wrapped up a program on harmonizing prison standards, during which 1,000 days of training was given to prisoner officers

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