A nice piece from Efe Kerem Sözeri (@efekerem): “History of #KampArmen in 20 images”

History of #KampArmen in 20 images

The story of an Armenian orphanage in Istanbul tells what happened to Armenians in Turkey after 1915.

The modern Turkish state confiscated properties of non-Muslims starting from 1915. After the genocide, “abandoned properties commission” sold Armenian goods by public auctions. In 1942, Wealth Tax forced wealthy non-Muslims to sell their properties. 1955 Istanbul Pogrom created more “abandoned” properties to change hands to Turkish owners.

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Demolition of Istanbul Armenian orphanage pauses, amid outcry

Efforts to demolish Kamp Armen, an Armenian orphanage in Istanbul’s Tuzla district that was expropriated in the wake of Turkey’s 1980 military coup, has begu

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