A Documentary about #OccupyGezi w subtitles: “Cennetin Düşüşü” (The Fall Of Heaven)


Published on May 7, 2015

“Adalet Cennetin Düşüşüyle Gerçekleşsin!”
Haziran 2013’te Gezi Parkı’nda başlayıp tüm Türkiye’ye yayılan Gezi Direnişi’ni ve adalet talebini anlatıyor.
Cennetin Düşüşü toplu gösterimlerin ve festivallerin ardından, ücretsiz olarak kanalımızda yayında.

The biggest and the most everlasting protest movement against the government’s neoliberal policies in Turkey have been started in June, 2013. Protests which initially to contest the urban development plan for Gezi Park were sparked by police violence and protests took part across the whole country.
The government took a step back due to big reaction by citizens and gave up their decision of demolish the park. During this protest which last fifteen days, thousands of people were get injured and 9 people were killed.
The movie which started out to the sentence “Let justice be real by the falling of the heaven” tells the story of the protest and demand for justice against government’s neoliberal policies.

Here is my playlist about Occupy Gezi/ Turkey:

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