“Academics in Turkey call for ‘Minecraft Report’ to be released…

Academics in Turkey call for ‘Minecraft Report’ to be released

April 27, 2015 – James Fudge

A petition signed by academics who are part of the Turkish Chapter of DiGRA called on the country’s Ministry of Family and Social Politics to release its “Minecraft report” to the public. It further notes that academics and experts who study video games should evaluate it before any attempts to seek court actions against the game takes place.

You may remember in February that reports surfaced suggesting that the “Turkish government” was considering a ban of Mojang’s popular world building game. But in March a spokesperson at the Turkish Embassy in Washington D.C said that the Ministry of Family and Social Politics doesn’t have the authority to ban games, only make recommendations to the courts. He also said that it could compel Microsoft and Mojang to alter gameplay………….



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