Once a wise man, Turkey’s Minister of Education now working on targeting journalists…

I was the teaching assistant of Nabi Avcı, current Minister of Education, in 2000-2001 before I left for PhD. He was a wise, beloved person. Now for the sake having a ministerial chair, look what he is up to… Shame…

Nabi Avcı


The Ministry of National Education targeted Cumhuriyet newspaper for its piece titled “Bilal’s Goal Reached in One Year”: “We will continue to make public the media organs and reporters leading smear campaigns.”
Turkey’s Online Censorship

The country has been pressuring Google, Facebook, and Twitter to remove content critical of its government.
A top electoral official in Turkey has reassured the public that the controversial blackouts during the local elections last year would not be repeated in the upcoming parliamentary elections, as ‘all cats have been caught.’
The former head of Turkey’s top science body and two of its employees were detained on April 14 for hiring an employee with a fake diploma
Khaleej Times (UAE) April 13, 2015, p. 12                            Deutsch Español Français George Perkovich & Sinan Ülgen * Economic interests give Ankara an incentive not to seek nukes. According to conventional wisdom, if Iran develops nuclear weapons, then Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and perhaps Egypt will try to follow suit. Israeli Prime Minister […]

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