For the record, Turkey’s Energy minister vowed to keep lights on during polls (!)

Energy Minister Yıldız, who once accused a cat of sabotaging Turkey’s local elections, has vowed to keep lights on during upcoming general elections
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Benjamin Harvey ‏@BenjaminHarvey  Mystery cash inflows to Turkey (net errors & omissions in cenbank data) were $4.28 billion in Feb., largest since ’98
Parties from all sides of Turkey’s political spectrum race to get their final candidate lists in order prior to a pre-electoral deadline
Turkish President Erdoğan’s son-in-law, lawyer, speechwriter, advisor, advisor’s cousin, coordinator’s father, chief of staff’s wife and official singer are all on the election candidates list of the ruling AKP.
Missing from Turkey’s peace process: memory, truth and justice

The resolution of the Kurdish question is closely linked to both truth and justice for past crimes, but also to ending ongoing state violence against Kurds.

Occupy London poster, November 2011.Occupy London poster, November 2011. Wikicommons/ Richard Symonds. Some rights reserved.“There is no such thing [as the Kurdish question].  Tell me my [Kurdish] friends what is it that you don’t have?” These were the words recently uttered by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has been negotiating a peace deal with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK – Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan) to bring about a peaceful solution to the country’s long running conflict.


Turkey censors 166 foreign and domestic articles on slain prosecutor case
Yaman Akdeniz, faculty at Istanbul’s Bilgi University Law School and a vocal advocate against internet censorship, reveals that the list of blocked URLs include articles by British dailies the Independent and the Mirror, the Netherlands-based Post as .

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