Turkish pop/social news: Erol Büyükburç dead… Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ to be guest of ‘Vikings’….

Turkish actor Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ will be a guest actor in the Irish-Canadian historical drama “Vikings,” daily Miliyet has reported
An oil painting titled ‘Orphan Man, Standing,’ has been seized by Turkish police in Tokat, as the preliminary report says it could be made by Van Gogh in 1882
Turkey’s old-stager pop star Erol Büyükburç has been found dead in his apartment in Istanbul’s Etiler district.
Veteran Turkish pop singer Erol Büyükburç was found dead in his home in Istanbul’s Etiler neighborhood March 12. He was 79.
Only if a student’s ID in says he or she is Christian or Jewish will they be exempted from Islamic religious classes at schools, Turkey’s authorities say in a new regulation
A funeral service was held in Istanbul on Feb. 10 for Turkish classical singer Müzeyyen Senar who died at the age of 96 after contracting pneumonia
The Education Ministry has ordered for the recall of a book distributed to elementary school students after a debate was stirred over its content that included insulting remarks against women.

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