Users react to Sabah daily’s absurdly montage-defense of Erdoğan’s Kabataş claims… @DurBirDinlee @listelist


Social Media users react. 16 selected images here.

Sabah Newspaper Claims to Have Found Kabataş Incident Evidence

Sabah newspaper released a photo illustration on today’s issue claiming that it belonged to a police footage showing the Kabataş Incident – allegations that a veiled woman was harassed by a group of Gezi protestors in 2013.
A few days after the brutal murder of Özgecan Aslan, which put women’s murders under focus again and a few days before International Women’s Day, an incident that took place during the Gezi events came back to the agenda one more time.
A group of veteran academics has raised its voice against the prospect of building a ‘Turkish-style’ presidential system
Local authorities in western Turkey have recently put pressure on a private firm to fire a cleaning worker for “insulting” both President Erdoğan and PM Davutoğlu
HDP co-chairperson Demirtaş said that AKP’s mission has not been democratizing but keeping the sultanate and he added “We will do our best not to allow the Homeland Security Act.”
Almost 2 million people have been involved in a workplace accident over the last two decades in Turkey, Labor Minister Faruk Çelik has stated
Turkey’s first ever women’s daily newspaper continues to be published in the southern province of Mersin, where Özgecan Aslan was brutally murdered last month
Turkey’s Directorate General for Religious Affairs (Diyanet) has started to charge accommodation prices in the U.S. dollar to Turks performing the hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, rather than the euro, amid the severe loss of the Turkish Lira against the former
Turkey’s Central Bank has taken a number of measures to defend the Turkish Lira, but did little to recover it off record lows, outweighed by a globally strong U.S. dollar and concerns about political actors’ intervention in economic policy

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