The spectre of #BerkinElvan is haunting the AKP rule. Police threatening with machine guns!

Police Points Rifles Towards Civilians During Berkin Elvan Protests

Police intervened a group in Istanbul’s Okmeydanı district who started a memorial march for Berkin Elvan, a 15 year old Gezi protestor who died last year after 269 days of comatose.

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RedHack hacked İstanbul Police Department Website
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Hurriyet Daily News ‏@HDNER Youngest victim of #Gezi protests, #BerkinElvan, remembered as police detain protesters 
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ISTANBUL THEMES ‏@ISTANBUL_THEMES  #BERKINELVAN #Clashes and #Arrests as Turks remember the tragic death of young boy killed by Police … #GEZI
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İHD Genel Merkezi ‏@ihd_genelmerkez 1 year has passed since #BerkinElvan was killed by police violence. Yet, there is no improvement in the investigation
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Capulcu Tonella ‏@diehimbeertonis 9 people protested for #berkinelvan in #erzurum today. And how many cops?Oh, just around 1000. via @Abdocan_Comert:

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Cagil M. Kasapoglu ‏@CagilKasapoglu #BerkinElvan remembered on anniversary of death … @HDNER Photo: Sedat Suna #Gezi
Turkish police have detained several people who gathered to commemorate Gezi protest victim Berkin Elvan in Istanbul and Ankara on March 11, the first anniversary of his death.
Turkish police on Wednesday broke up protests in memory of a teenager killed in 2013 anti-government demonstrations, whose death has become a rallying cause for opponents of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Duration: 00:51
Parents are demanding that a teacher of religion classes in northern Turkey be fired after he told them they “deserve rape” for not wearing headscarf
Economic freedom and violence against women top Turkey’s women’s issues, according to a survey released by daily Hürriyet on the occasion of March 8, International Women’s Day.
Thousands of women flocked to Istanbul’s Istiklal Avenue to attend the 13th Istanbul Reclaim the Night Feminist March last night – an annual walk on March 8 International Working Women’s Day.
Footage recorded by a police vehicle during last October’s protests in İzmir over ISIL advance on Kobane has emerged, showing a group trying to lynch a man lying on the ground after being shot by a bullet
A policeman has given testimony saying his superiors attempted to beat a university student in the trunk of a car during the Gezi Park protests of 2013 in Turkey’s northwestern province of Eskişehir.
Diela Joseph Diela submitted a complaint against medical practitioners in Osmangazi University Hospital, saying that they declined to treat his wife who later on died of AIDS.
Ankara has been seeking ways to calm the markets as the Turkish Lira has plunged to historic lows in recent weeks amid a potential U.S. interest rate hike pushing the dollar to multi-year highs and concerns about political pressure on Turkey’s Central Bank

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