İstanbul, a city of assassinations. 21 unsolved murders in a year…

21 unsolved murders take place in İstanbul in last 12 months

There have been 21 unsolved murders and assassinations in the last 12 months inIstanbul, bringing the issue of security in Turkey’s most crowded …
Vocal critic of Tajik president shot dead in Istanbul

An outspoken critic of veteran Tajik leader Imomali Rakhmon has been shot dead by an unknown assailant on a street in Istanbul, Turkish media …
In its 10th anniversary, the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation Pera Museum is presenting an exhibition of selected works by world-renowned Alberto Giacometti
Istanbul gives Turkey’s budget a boost

Istanbul is boosting state income by bringing in nearly half of all tax revenues collected by the Treasury, according to figures released by the Finance
A global second place that doesn’t bring much pride: İstanbul traffic

And so once again, Turkey entered tops global ranks, though unfortunately not in education or science but rather traffic. According to statistics, İstanbul .
Inside the Ancient Underground Cisterns of Istanbul

Visit Atlas Obscura for more on the Basilica Cistern of Istanbul. 140314066-general-view-inside-the-basilica-cistern-on-. Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty
Major metropolis İstanbul suffers educational dearth of decent libraries

In a city comprising an estimated 15 million people, it can be hard to find a quiet place to sit and read. In İstanbul, there is a serious dearth of decent .
CHP-run municipalities in İstanbul recognize cemevis as places of worship

CHP İstanbul Provincial Chairman Murat Karayalçın announced at a press conference on Saturday that the 14 municipalities all took municipal council

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