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Yaşar Kemal, who was hospitalized since Jan 14 following respiratory problems, lung infection and heart arrhythmia, died ın in Istanbul’ broadcaster CNN reported on Feb 28

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Yaşar Kemal, (born Kemal Sadık Gökçeli 1923) is a Turkish writer of Kurdish origin. He is one of Turkey’s leading writers. He has long been a candidate for the

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Basak Bingol Yuce ‏@bbyuce Yaşar Kemal, the storyteller of Anatolia, the greatest writer and the master of Turkish literature passed away today.
Türkiye büyük ustaya ağlıyor
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Haberturk ‏@Haberturk  92 yıllık çınar, ömrünü adadığı Kürt sorunu için tarihi günde vefat etti! İşte hayatı!
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Radikal ‏@radikal  Mecbur insanların yazarı #YaşarKemal
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Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar and the waiting room of history

Tanpinar’s The Time Regulation Institute is a brilliant comic novel from 1962 about life in a Turkey forced to adopt western ways. Pankaj Mishra signals the dangers of a one-size-fits-all notion of modernity
Turkish novelist Yasar Kemal, perennial critic of power and repression, dies …
The National
I had no money to put wood in the stove,” Kemal said in a speech in 2003 at Bilkent University, recalling the time he wrote the novel. “Yet, I just pretended that the fire was going strong. I covered myself in a ripped blanket, and typed away on an old ..
One of modern Turkey’s most celebrated literary figures, Yaşar Kemal, was laid to rest with a ceremony in Istanbul March 2, after he died on Feb. 28 aged 92
 Thousands turn out for funeral of Turkey literary giant Yasar Kemal

Nobel Prize winning author Orhan Pamuk and ex-Turkish president Abdullah Gul were among the crowd that attended the ceremony at the Tesvikiye . – Retail: $15.95 Special offer: $12.76 Offer summary: (20% off) Format: Paperback Publication date: June 30, 2005 Pages: 392 ISBN: 9781590171394 Series: NYRB Classics Categories: International Literature A tale of high adventure and lyrical… – Nicholas Birch – Nov 28, 2008 – ‘I’ve never met a journalist who asks fewer questions,’ Ayse Baban says as she brings her husband more tea. ‘Let the boy speak, Yasar.’ The man many Turks used to assume would be the country’s first Nobel prize winner, Yasar Kemal is 85 this year

Yasar Kemal: The pride of the Kurdish nation
“Anyone who reads my books will not become a killer, but the enemy of war,” Kemal said in a speech that was read out at Istanbul’s Bilgi University last year, where he was awarded an honorary doctorate. “States and governments that work to erase
One of Turkey’s best-known novelists, Yasar Kemal, dies

One of modern Turkey’s most celebrated literary figures, Yaşar Kemal, will be laid to rest today with a ceremony in Istanbul
Yaşar Kemal, a landmark name of Turkish literature, passed away on the afternoon of Feb. 28, ending weeks-long suffering in hospital due to multiple organ failure
The New York Times (USA) Sunday, March 1, 2015, p. A 22 Obituary By Stephen Kinzer Yasar Kemal, the master storyteller who repeatedly clashed with the Turkish state while emerging as his country’s first novelist of global stature, died on Saturday in Istanbul, according to Turkey’s state-run news agency, Anadolu. His age was uncertain, because
Yasar Kemal obituary

Turkish writer best known for his novel Memed, My HawkThe Turkish writer Yaşar Kemal, who has died aged 91, found fame after the publication of his first novel, Ince Memed (1955), translated into English as Memed, My Hawk (1961). It became known around the world in other translations, the first Turkish novel to make a big impact internationally. Kemal was then working as a journalist in Istanbul, but the story dealt with the harsh life of farmers and ordinary people in the Çukurova plain and Taurus mountains around Adana in southern Turkey.
Yaşar Kemal Bibliography

Mavi Boncuk |

Yaşar Kemal Bibliography
Sarı Sıcak, (“Yellow Heat”) (1952)

İnce Memed (Memed, My Hawk) (1955)
Teneke (The Drumming-Out) (1955)
Orta Direk (The Wind from the Plain) (1960)
Yer Demir Gök Bakır (Iron Earth, Copper Sky) (1963)
Ölmez Otu (The Undying Grass) (1968) – Mar 1 – Yasar Kemal, the first Turkish writer to be nominated for the Nobel prize for literature has died aged 92. The author of shortlisted work Memed, My Hawk died in an Istanbul hospital of organ failure on Friday night. Kemal promoted Marxist…
Kemal was hospitalized on January 14, 2015 into the hospital of Istanbul University’s Çapa Medical Faculty due to respiratory insufficiency. He died at age 92 in the afternoon of February 28, 2015 in the intensive care unit, where he was taken due to multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. Mavi Boncuk |
Yaşar Kemal, (born Kemal Sadık Gökçeli;[1] 6 October 1923 – 28 February 2015) was a Turkish writer of Kurdish origin. He was one of Turkey’s leading writers.[2][3] Kemal was long a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature, on the strength of Memed, My Hawk.[1]

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