Video: Another opposition MP attacked and wounded within the Parliament building…

This is the second night of heated parliamentary debate on the new security bill proposed by AKP, the ruling party. All opposition parties vehemently oppose this bill as it is to literally turn Turkey into a police state… AKP deputies are full of anger and keen to make the law as soon as possible, it seems, and today a CHP deputy is kicked and thrown from stairs in the parliament. The video above shows fragments… This is after the gavel attack last night… Darker days to come…

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NOT MY… ‏@Meralink OMG! The moment when main opposition CHP’s MP falls down the stairwell in the Parliament of Turkey tonight
The government should focus on adopting “a security package” against ISIL if it is really keen in its claim for providing the security of its citizens, Pavey said

A paranoid style:

PM Davutoğlu has threatened oppositional parties over their criticism of a controversial security bill, saying people will defend their own neighborhoods and cities against those who ‘support the use of Molotov cocktails’

His deputy:

AKP deputy Oktay Saral has claimed responsibility for punching opposition deputies during a heated parliamentary session

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