Armenia loses hope, withdraws normalization protocols signed in 2009…

Following Armenia’s withdrawal from normalization protocols signed in 2009, Turkey’s Foreign Ministry made a statement, saying that Armenia’s decision was “unfortunate”.
Frustration over Özgecan Aslan continues in Turkey: 
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Today’s Zaman ‏@todayszamancom US Embassy in Ankara condemns murder of Turkish woman #OzgecanAslan …
The father of Özgecan Aslan, a 20-year-old student who was brutally killed in southern Turkey, said the death sentence was not the solution, even if it seems like a deterrent
Sevda Türküsev has drawn the ire of social media users by advising sexually harassed women to ‘shut up and see a doctor’
A brutal rape and murder has galvanised women to protest and draw attention to gender-related crime. But this is a country where patriarchy runs deepAs a high-school student in Turkey, whenever I took the bus I would make sure to keep an open safety pin in my hand – to poke molesters with. By the time I started university, I was carrying pepper spray in my bag, as did many of my female friends. We spoke about these things among ourselves, quietly. Today, Turkey’s women are publicly sharing stories of sexual harassment, opening up and speaking out. We are worried. We are mourning. At the same time, we are angry.
A senior delegation from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), led by President Sir Suma Chakrabarti, will visit Turkey on Feb. 19-20
Cyprus: an island in search of a saga to learn from

Why do the inhabitants of an EU country prefer to keep cash amounting to ca. 6% of GDP hidden at home? Badly burnt after the banking collapse in March 2013 Cypriots neither trust their government nor banks to keep their money safe. After following from afar the events in Cyprus I recently visited the island. Many Cypriots feel that the banking collapse is now only history and no point thinking about it. But that is far from the truth: as long as neither Cypriots nor the other EU countries know the whole Cypriot saga it can neither provide lessons nor a warning; and the mistrust lingers on. In addition to a public investigation of what really happened and why, write-downs of household debt and a functioning insolvency framework Cypriots desperately need one thing: hope for the future.

Families of the victims of 2011 Uludere air strike massacre have demanded that retired Col. Aygün Eker provide testimony in the case after the soldier said he had warned his superiors that the targets were civilians, not outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) members.
Squatters on unregistered plots of land have paid 7 billion Turkish Liras ($2.9 billion) to the Turkish Treasury to register their ownership in the past year, the Turkish Finance Ministry said Feb. 17.
An article published on the website of Turkmenistan’s oil and gas ministry Monday attacked Russia’s energy giant Gazprom, calling the company an unreliable partner for the reclusive Central Asian state.

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