Cyberculture agenda: Youtube is 10…


This post originally appeared on the Buffer blog. If I were to tell you that a recent tweet of mine received 20 clicks, what would you think?
The Creepy Collective Behavior of Boston Dynamics’ New Robot Dog

Robotics company Boston Dynamics has a new four-legged addition to its family: a 160-lb quadruped named Spot—and dude is impressive. In a short video posted yesterday, the Google-owned company shows Spot gallivanting with a weird equestrian hop through office corridors, up concrete stairs, and along rocky hills with little trouble. Spot even keeps his balance after being kicked by one of its human overlords. You can almost hear the canine whimper over the drone of his hydraulics.


Social media access is going to change with the practical use of wearable technology and your business will have to adjust to reach the right audience.

The Future of Wearable Tech

The Future of Wearable Tech

I have a confession to make. Despite my specialization in wearable technology, I haven’t worn my FitBit in months. I’m not the only one. Many people found the first wave of wearables came up short. Entry-level price points were high, form factors were clodgy and accuracy left a lot to be desired. It’s no wonder […]

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and it’s a sure thing that folks around the world will be saying \”I love you\” to their special someones (and hoping that the compliment gets returned).

But which country says it the most?

Syria’s digital civil war

Militarised spyware has played a crucial role in the Assad regime’s offensive against the Syrian opposition. But further risk remains as Syrians’ data has been swept up in the global surveillance dragnet.


Why Airbnb Desperately Wants to Pay Hotel Taxes

For Airbnb, hotel is a touchy term.

The Swiss Leaks

The journalist collaboration between the biggest leak in banking history; plus, a look at the slow journalism movement.
Online security researchers say Beijing has launched major cyber strikes against American IT giants eyeing its market.
How Youtube changed the world

Ten years since the online video platform gave users the ability to share content, it gets one billion visitors a month.

A decade ago, Netflix meant DVDs by mail, video referred to TV and the Internet meant simple text and pictures.

Alexander Huls is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Esquire and other publications. This post was originally published on the Shutterstock blog and has been reprinted with permission.
February 12, 2015
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most influential forms of social media, and a strong presence on them is crucial for maintaining a successful business. But even if you’re ticking all of the social media marketing boxes, are you filtering these checkpoints onto the right platforms?
Facebook Mentioned in Traffic Sign

Remember, \”Cross at the green, not in between?\” It’s been updated: \”Heads up! Cross the street, then update Facebook.\”


A short history of awesome hashtags for social change


Your 6-year-old cousin is addicted to Angry Birds, you’ve wasted more time watching cat videos than you’d like to admit, and Kim Kardashian’s bum has more Twitter followers than you do. Welcome to 2015.


Interestingly, there seems to be a disparity in some developing countries between internet users and Facebook users. In fact, in some cases more people report using the social network than using the internet.

The Best and Worst Public Transit Systems, According to Twitter

A new study uses Twitter complaints to look at how riders feel about their public transit systems.

Infoporn: Proof That the FDA Isn’t Protecting Americans’ Health

For years, the FDA has made it nearly impossible to figure out where serious lapses in medical research has contributed to faulty drugs. – Jon Ronson – Feb 12 – As she made the long journey from New York to South Africa, to visit family during the holidays in 2013, Justine Sacco, 30 years old and the senior director of corporate communications at IAC, began tweeting acerbic little jokes about the

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