Bu dönemin MED 512 meselesi: Yeni Medya döneminde Gazetecilik için İş Modelleri

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İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Medya ve İletişim Sistemleri Y.Lisansında verdiğim MED512-Issues in Cyberculture Studies dersinde bu dönemin meselesi bir süredir kafa yorduğum iş modelleri meselesi oldu. Ders Pazartesileri 19:00’da başlayacak. İngilizce. Santral Kampüsünde. Uğramak isteyenler bana bir mesaj atabilir…

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Course readings:

All readings can be downloaded here

Week 1

Introduction – Overview of syllabus

Week 2

Eric Qualman – Socialnomics. How social media transforms the way we live and do business

Week 3

Chris Anderson – Free: The Future of a Radical Price

Discussion: Journalism needs a business model. Can Jeff Bezos find one?

Week 4

Adam Fish and Ramesh Srinivasan – Digital labor is the new killer app

Discussion: Marc Andreessen’s 8 business models for journalism

Week 5

Alexander Dolgin- Manifesto of the New Economy

Stuart Cunningham- Emergent Innovation through the Coevolution of Informal and Formal Media Economies

Discussion: Five alternative business models for journalism

Week 6

John Pavlik- The Impact of Technology on Journalism

Glenda Nevill- Funding news freedom: How reporting is paying its way

Oscar Westlund- A review and model of journalism in an age of mobile media

Discussion: Robert Niles on making money from niche news sites

Week 8

Tanja Aitamurto and Seth C. Lewis- Open innovation in digital journalism: Examining the impact of Open APIs at four news organizations

Discussion: Business Models for Data Journalism

Week 9

Marina Dekavalla- The Scottish newspaper industry in the digital era

Philip Schlesinger and Alex Benchimol-  Small nations, the press and the digital challenge

Suncem Koçer- Social business in online financing: Crowdfunding  narratives of independent documentary producers in Turkey

Discussion: Business model lessons, from Ello to news companies

Week 10

Pew Report: The Search for a New Business Model An in-depth look at how newspapers are faring trying to build digital revenue

Discussion: Journalism is doing just fine, thanks — it’s mass-media business models that are ailing

Week 11

Sirkkunen et al. Chasing Sustainability on the Net

Discussion: The Business Model That Will ‘Save’ Journalism

Week 12

Sirkkunen et al. Chasing Sustainability on the Net

Week 13

Sirkkunen et al. Chasing Sustainability on the Net

Week 14



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