Turkey ranked 149th out of 180 in world press freedom index as the arrested Turkish TV chief writes an open letter from his jail cell…

theguardian.com – Roy Greenslade – Feb 11, 9:55 AM – Hidayet Karaca, an executive with a leading Turkish TV network, has been in prison since 14 December last year on charges of leading a terrorist group. The charges relate to the screening five years before of an episode in a soap opera on one of…
Turkey has ranked 149th out of 180 countries in Reporters Without Borders’ world press freedom index
The council of state has asked the government to clarify the reasons for suspending a strike by steel workers, questioning the nature of the “national security” concerns behind the cabinet decision
Turkish PM said he hoped there was no racist motive behind the murders and calling for a joint attitude against Islamophobia
A former news cameraman suffered a heart attack and died, despite warning traffic police as they handcuffed him
The name of Alagöz neighborhood in the southeastern district of Midyat has been changed back to Bethkustan – a first time that an Assyrian village name has been returned.
Turkish parents complain of push towards religious schools

Critics say parental choice is being denied after government moves to convert secular institutions into Imam Hatip schools
The president’s apparent reaction against a decision by the country’s intelligence chief to run for parliament stems from the high opinion he has of Hakan Fidan, PM Davutoğlu has argued
Turkey warns channel over ‘God instead of Allah’ dubbing

Turkey’s television watchdog has warned a national private channel over the dubbing of a French show where the word for “God” was dubbed with a traditional Turkic word rather than the Islamic “Allah”, media said Thursday. It said that the dubbing could have an “unfavourable impact on the perception of Allah by children” adding it had “insulted the national and sentimental values of Turks .

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