Cyberculture agenda: “#MuslimLivesMatter tweets criticize early media coverage of Chapel Hill Shooting…”The Sherlock Holmes Effect on Health Wearables…

Health Wearables: The Sherlock Holmes Effect

Health Wearables: The Sherlock Holmes Effect

Wearing his now-iconic hat, clamping a pipe between his teeth, Sherlock Holmes endures as the very definition of deductive reasoning. His encyclopedic knowledge and diamond-sharp observation skills make him a larger-than-life figure that continues to fascinate audiences on both the small and big screens. Originally penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a physician, the character […]


Can Twitter achieve its lofty 10-year goal of becoming a $14 billion business?

NSA Claims Iran Learned from Western Cyberattacks

The U.S. Government often warns of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks from adversaries, but it may have actually contributed to those capabilities in the case of Iran.



It’s fitting that the news about Jon Stewart’s retirement from The Daily Showbroke online. After all, few television programs have had such a plugged-in audience or have become such a large part of web culture.



After three Muslim college students were killed Tuesday in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, some people took to social media to criticize what they perceive as scant media coverage of the incident



In the wake of the tragic shooting deaths of three Muslim college students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a portrait of three young, hopeful Americans has emerged.

78% of Twitter Users are International

Twitter released its latest earnings report last week, revealing that the platform added just four million new monthly active users (MAUs) in the fourth quarter of 2014, which now totals 288 million accounts.

Irish language used to hide porn on YouTube


The word ‘scannán’ doesn’t mean much to anyone outside of Ireland. But to Gaeilgeoirs, or Irish language speakers, it means film — and that’s what people uploading porn in recent months were depending on


You’re used to ads in regular TV programming, but what would you say if your smart TV started inserting ads into videos you own?

itwbennett writes Silk Road was based on an expectation of anonymity: Servers operated within an anonymous Tor network. Transactions between buyers and sellers were conducted in bitcoin. Everything was supposedly untraceable. Yet prosecutors presented a wealth of digital evidence to convince the jury that Ross Ulbricht was Dread Pirate Roberts, the handle used by the chief operator of the site. From Bitcoin to server logins and, yes, Facebook, here’s a look at 5 technologies that tripped Ulbricht up.
Technology can help us do more with less. For example, making use of natural climates has helped us make our data centers 50% more efficient than the industry average, and green building technology has helped us limit energy consumption in our offices around the world. Now, we’re doing more with less to power Google’s North Bayshore campus in Mountain View.
Facebook relies heavily on advertising to make money, so keeping its advertisers happy is important. Today, the company announced a new ‘relevance’ score for its ad reporting tools. The new metric is essentially Facebook’s estimate for how well an ad will perform with its target audience. writes: Russell Berman writes at The Atlantic that the government may have won its case against Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht, but the high-profile trial gave a lot of publicity to the dark web. Both the number of sites and the volume of people using them have increased since Silk Road was shuttered. “Just as on the rest of the internet, users on the dark net are very quick to move on to new things and move away from those products and websites that seem stale and old,” says Adam Benson. The cat-and-mouse game between users of the dark web and law enforcement appears to be shifting as well. Newer dark sites (two major ones are Agora and Evolution) are likely to protect their servers by basing them in countries “hostile to U.S. law enforcement,” says Nicholas Weaver.
Recently, we’ve witnessed a rise in trolling and the abuse has risen way beyond language that anyone could possibly consider acceptable, with some women being the target of abuse and threats of rape. Twitter’s CEO says he’s going to take personal responsibility for putting a stop to trolling.

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