That’s all new Turkey: Council of Europe report: “Detained suspect ratio highest in Turkey

Turkey is the country with the highest rate of arrested suspects in Europe, with almost one-third of inmates in the country still awaiting their final verdict, according to a Council of Europe report released on Feb. 11

Constitutional Court chairman Hasim Kilic said Erdogan government is undermining judicial independence

Gazprom’s Dwindling Clout

As gas and oil prices fall, the Russian energy giant’s power to play tough pipeline politics with Europe may soon be spent.
The governor of the western Turkish province of Edirne, where many members of Turkey’s Roma community live, has announced plans to train Roma children as preachers and as members of the Ottoman army band
İlhami Yıldırım, the brother of former Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım, who is currently serving as an advisor to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, was assaulted with a gun on Feb 10
MHP leader Bahçeli has indicated he considers the apparent difference of view between President Erdoğan and PM Davutoğlu over the outgoing intelligence chief’s decision to run for parliament a farce
Turkish journalist Can Dündar became the editor-in-chief of daily Cumhuriyet on Feb. 9, filling the post after it was vacated by Utku Çakırözer in January
Syrian pro-regime hackers have hacked e-mails, including Turkish Presidency’s account
La Montagne (France) dimanche 8 février 2015, p. Riom-14 Géraldine Messina Demet Yilmaz a découvert le service de médiation culturelle des musées de Riom Co. Les élèves de 3e doivent faire un stage de découverte du monde professionnel. Demet Yilmaz, collégienne à Michel-de-l’Hospital, vient de terminer le sien au musée Mandet. Et elle est ravie […]

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