EFD Rights Watch: “Turkish parliamentary commission approves bill for tighter website blocking While “Turkey’s requests to remove content from Twitter up 156 pct in second half of 2014

‘Our President does not exercise full power to do anything, anywhere, at any time’
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Turkey News Review ‏@TurkeyReview 18h18 hours ago 328 of a total 376 court orders seeking removal of content from Twitter came from #Turkey 
Turkey topped the list with a total of 477 requests, made up of 328 court orders and 149 requests from government agencies
The Prime Ministry or related ministries will be able to block any website without a court order for a broad range of reasons
An investigation has been opened into the former head of administrative and financial affairs at the General Directorate of State Opera and Ballet (DOB), after allegations that he was illegally monitoring personnel through a surveillance camera system installed on his computer.
The Saturday Mothers group has launched a joint campaign with the Human Rights Foundation against the application of the statute of limitations in a number of cases
The social media war on Felix Siauw, an Indonesian Muslim preacher who issued a fatwa claiming that taking self-portraits was a sin, has taken an international twist, with some online users posting a photo of Turkey’s president with an Indonesian
A telephone inquiry research on 37 public hospitals realized by a woman organization revealed that only 3 public hospitals in Istanbul perform abortions by request.
The minister withdrew at the last minute from an international security conference in Munich after learning that Israeli diplomats might take part.

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