Cyberculture agenda: Ross Ulbricht found guilty on all counts in Silk Road trial verdict…

Ulbricht faces a possible maximum sentence of life in prison. Read the rest
Today, Ross Ulbricht, known by his online alias “Dread Pirate Roberts,”was convicted for running the illegal Silk Road drug marketplace. Ulbricht faces life in prison. The Manhattan jury took three hours to find him guilty of all seven charges. When arrested, Ulbricht’s computer was found to have evidence connecting him with Silk Road and even attempts to hire a hitman for the murder of five people who threatened the anonymity of his service.

The U.S., U.K. and Canadian governments characterize hackers as a criminal menace, warn of the threats they allegedly pose to critical infrastructure, and aggressively prosecute them, but they are also secretly exploiting their information and expertise, according to top secret documents.

Report: Tweets will return to Google searches later this year

A report from Bloomberg Business today says that Twitter has reached a deal with Google to add tweets back into Google’s search results this year. According to the report, Google previously had to crawl Twitter’s site for tweets, but now the company will provide the data directly to the search engine.
Net Neutrality Won Big Today. But We Can’t Get Complacent Just Yet

Don’t get caught up in the fear and loathing over Title II. Details are what will count in the net neutrality debate.

Regular content that people engage with, like, comment and share is where things take off. The important thing is this: knowing what the people on Facebook want. The data can tell us this. It’s not a mystery.


More content marketers and businesses are turning to video for their online marketing efforts. This is due to the widely held belief that video is the future of content marketing. This is a well founded belief as the level of personal touch that you get with a video that has a regular host is beyond any other form of media. There’s nothing like the feeling of having a human face and voice speaking to you.

New reports indicate that Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiators have agreed to language that would bind its 12 signatory nations to extend copyright terms to match the United States’ already excessive length of copyright.


A Facebook page that posts the same picture of an Italian singer every day has become the central part of a research project to understand how we use social media.

What Type Of Sharer Are You? Peacock, Dipper, Changeling, Ghost + 8 More Social Media Personalities

Researchers at the University of Winchester performed a study, commissioned by First Direct Bank, observing the different personality types of those of us on social media. As shared on Buffer, the research consisted of 30-day, non-stop monitoring of participants’s social media use, coupled with a nationwide survey of social media habits. The observational takeaways from these experiences were that social media sharers consist of 12 different personality types:

  1. Ultras – Check feeds dozens of times per day
  2. Deniers – Maintain that social media doesn’t control their lives, then get anxious when they’re unable to log on to social media
  3. Dippers – Infrequent use, can go days or weeks without posting
  4. Virgins – First-time users
Give Local America – Erin Feldman – Feb 3 – Running Give Local America requires our organization to interact with thousands of do-gooders online. These are people who use their social networking profiles to strengthen nonprofits, build their communities and help others. Though there are
Read the Transcript of Silk Road’s Boss Ordering 5 Assassinations

Many of the ideological supporters of the Silk Road have described its sprawling online black market for drugs as an experiment in victimless crime and a nonviolent alternative to the bloody turf wars of the streets. But prosecutors in the trial of Ross Ulbricht, the 30-year-old accused of running that anonymous bazaar, have pointed to one conversation […]


KineticSocial4Q2014FacebookSpendByAdTypeGoodbye, engagement; hello, direct-response ads; and a big hello to video ads and mobile: Those were the major findings by Kinetic Social, a FacebookPreferred Marketing Developer, in an analysis of its clients’ fourth-quarter-2014 advertising campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

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