Cyberculture agenda: “Games Grow in Traffic and Revenue in 2014..”How the World’s Famous Tech Companies Fared in 2014

Pirate Bay Responds to Cloudflare and Moderation Concerns


phoenix1On Saturday The Pirate Bay made its long-awaited comeback. While most users were happy to see the site back online, others were suspicious about the new setup.


Report: Games Grow in Traffic and Revenue in 2014


State of Mobile Advertising Q4 2014


The Silk Road Trial Isn’t Just About Drugs


Fighting the war on drugs is like peeling an onion: Every layer removed only reveals another. Waging that battle on the secured, encrypted Tor network—which itself stands for “the onion router”—poses its own challenges.



android loves apple
Pep Rosenfeld is co-founder of comedy theater Boom Chicago and Boom Chicago Creative in Amsterdam. He loves both nerd chic and chic nerds, and can be seen hosting events where they meet — like #TNW2015.


How the World’s Famous Tech Companies Fared in 2014


The year just passed was both interesting and surprising. The iPhone 6 took the world by storm and privacy issues continued to hound Facebook and Google. Samsung had its first diminishing profit after three years and Bill Gates is still the richest man in the world.


Bitcoin; Crypto Key Unlocking The Autonomy Of Trust

Cryptocurrency – Nozomi Hayase: Bitcoin, once ridiculed as money for geeks and then condemned as a tool for criminals gained much wider understanding from the mainstream in the last year. More people are realizing that Bitcoin opens doors to financial freedom. With it, we can transfer any amount of money anytime, anywhere in the world instantly, securely and without permission.


Ecuador’s president wages war on mocking memes


Rafael Correa launches a website and Twitter feed to combat a rise of satirical internet images featuring him.
 All Facebook by Shea Bennett

Football – or soccer if you’re in North America – has some 3.5 billion fans across the globe, making it far and away the most popular sport in the world.

That popularity has quickly bled into social media. Indeed, football’s adage that it’s “played by millions, and watched by billions” could equally be applied to Twitter, with the top clubs (and athletes) each boasting millions of fans (and tweets). But which teams are faring best?


With More Than 28 Million Tweets, #SB49 was Twitter’s Biggest Super Bowl Ever


Over 28.4 million tweets were sent from around the world during Super Bowl XLIX, making it the most-tweeted Super Bowl in Twitter’s history.

Last year 24.9 million tweets were sent during the game, which was the previous record. This year’s spectacle beat that total by almost four million.

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