Cyberculture agenda: Turkish Religious Leaders take time to issues a fatwa on downloading…

For millions of people around the world the word of their particular God provides a moral compass for living life in an appropriate manner.

While there are plenty of variations, most faiths agree that it is unacceptable to steal, for example.

Inevitably there are gray areas and the issue of copyright provides a perfect example. Rightsholders constantly push the notion that infringement is theft so it’s no surprise that some people draw the same conclusion.

Apple, The Oil Company?

There will be iPhones, but for how long?

$18 billion. Profit. One quarter. Pure insanity. ¶ How insane? It’s the highest earnings for a company in a quarter… ever. And it sets Apple up to post the most earnings for a company in a year…


How to Design a Business: 4 Lessons from Startups

As a designer at IDEO who focuses on building businesses, I’m always seeking inspiration from startups. How do they craft compelling…


Digg by the Numbers, 2015 Edition

An Exercise in Dig(g)ital Corporate Nudity



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