Journalism agenda: “The BuzzFeed Editorial Standards And Ethics Guide… Newsweek’s strange way of dealing with Silicon Valley’s sexism…

Goto's mother said she could not find the words to describe her son's 'very sad death' [Reuters]

Goto’s mother said she could not find the words to describe her son’s ‘very sad death’ [Reuters]

Japan mourns as ISIL says journalist is beheaded


Video purportedly showing the death of Kenji Goto leads to condemnation globally and new fears in the pacifist nation.
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The Independent ‏@Independent  PM says Japan will join US coalition – and make Isis pay after beheading journalist 

The BuzzFeed Editorial Standards And Ethics Guide

BuzzFeed – Shani O. Hilton – BuzzFeed has the opportunity to help shape a new set of standards for a new generation of media. We are offering these standards to our staffers and to our readers as a first attempt at articulating the goal of merging the best of traditional


Nevermind what Silicon Valley thinks of women, what the hell is Newsweek thinking?



A handful of Cambridge-area media institutions — including The Non-Fiction Cartel, StoryCode Boston, Harvard’s Bok Center, the MIT OpenDocLab, and theMIT Center for Civic Media — joined forces this weekend to host a hackathon called Datalore that focused on storytelling and data. Around 50 participants, each of whom applied to be there, split into eight teams for the three-day event. Each team worked with a data set supplied by one of their team members; the idea was to “brainstorm and prototype an interactive narrative experience that tells a story with data, around data, or about data.”


Leading human rights lawyer criticises Western governments for turning a blind eye to lack of media freedom in Egypt.

Andrew Sullivan is quitting blogging

…nched two years ago as a test of his anti-advertising, pro-paid-content ideas for supporting online journalism. He got about 30,000 people to pay up, which generated around $1 million a year in revenue. To understand Sullivan’s place in the blogging firmament, you should check out the lengthy interview he gave the team behind Riptide in 2013, in which he dove deep into his history with the medium, his views of its strengths, and why he (at least at that time) was still doing it. There’s a transc



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