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Hot on the heels of Microsoft announcing its newest browser, Project Spartan, we’ve got another brand new contender in the browser wars: Vivaldi.
Twitter Can Predict Heart Disease, Says Study

A new study has found that Twitter can predict rates of coronary heart disease better than traditional methods.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that expressions of negative emotions such as anger, stress and fatigue in a county’s tweets were associated with higher heart disease risk.

Last December Instagram reached 300 million monthly active users (MAUs) on the platform, making it bigger than Twitter, which had just 284 million MAUs.

A few days later, however, Instagram deleted millions of spam accounts from its system, which we theorised meant that it was now smaller than Twitter.


Here are some links to a couple of past posts about the Internet Archive, which is playing a crucial role in archiving the Web and digital artefacts such as films, games and software:

reddit’s first transparency report

We regularly get requests from governments and law enforcement agencies for private information about our users or to remove content or subreddits; we occasionally get formal subpoenas and legal requests from individuals. These requests are usually legitimate; we push back on any that we view as overbroad or unnecessarily invasive of privacy. Two weeks ago, weannounced that we would publish a transparency report covering requests from 2014, because we want to share what goes on behind the scenes. Today, we’re releasing that report (html version).


Reddit has released its first transparency report for the service, providing insight into the amount of user information requests and takedowns the site experienced in 2014. In 2014, the site received just 55 requests for user information spanning 78 user accounts.

Reddit has received only 55 requests for data on 78 of its users in 2014, according to the link-sharing website’s first-ever transparency report, which waspublished Thursday.


Facebook is dead, right?

Wrong, at least when it comes to sharing content, where Facebook continues to reign supreme. Indeed, according to a new study from ShareThis, Facebook’s \”share of shares\” grew 8.2 percent in Q4 2014, and was the only platform apart from email to record positive growth.

Three-quarters of internet users in the United States have recorded and shared a personal video on Facebook in the last six months, compared to less than half who have done the same on YouTube, reveals a new study.


Facebook Dominated Mobile App Downloads in 2014

Facebook Dominated Mobile App Downloads in 2014

According to a new report about 2014 mobile app usage, iOS and Android users downloaded Facebook’s mobile apps more often than any other apps, both in the US and globally.

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