Bloomberg piece: Istanbul Ancient Wall Gives No Defense in Property Fight… Istanbul news roundup…

Photographer: Kate Geraghty/The Sydney Morning Herald/Fairfax Media via Getty Images A resident of Sulukule, Istanbul, walks past debris from demolished homes and the old city wall, May 29, 2014. The… Read More
Istanbul Ancient Wall Gives No Defense in Property Fight: Cities

For centuries, Istanbul’s ancient walls safeguarded the city from attack. What remains of those 1,600-year-old battlements has become the source of .
With a 12 minute-long aerial footage, an amateur drone pilot has revealed that any remote-control unmanned vehicle can freely roam the skies over a busy Istanbul airport, despite huge risks.

Istanbul’s official website opens

Istanbul’s first official digital promotional platform,, has come online
Istanbul bomber was ‘teen widow of Norwegian jihadist’

A teenager from Russia’s Muslim region of Dagestan suspected to have carried out a suicide bombing in Istanbul was said Friday to have been the …
Istanbul is Apparently on It

Istanbul is on it” is a clue that didn’t immediately make me think of a body of water, for some reason, and I am ashamed to say that I was not familiar

New land will be expropriated for Istanbul’s third bridge

A number of areas in Istanbul’s European-side districts of Başakşehir, Arnavutköy and Sarıyer, as well as the Beykoz, Çekmeköy, Sancaktepe, …
Istanbul Led Me Back to Cairo

I asked a couple of friends if they wanted to vacation with me to Istanbul and got the “I’ll think about it” and the “I would want to go somewhere else”
Heathrow Remains Top European Hub as Istanbul Surges Up Rankings

London’s Heathrow airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Frankfurt retained their positions as Europe’s busiest hubs, with Istanbul Ataturk jumping to
Sky no longer the limit for ‘New Turkey’: Istanbul to launch air rail system

After completing the underground railway Marmaray connecting Istanbul’s European and Asian sides – a public transportation project dubbed the ..
Mehmet Güleryüz retrospective exhibited at Istanbul Modern

The Mehmet Güleryüz retrospective at Istanbul Modern follows a chronological course featuring the specific image typology developed by the artist. It also features significant research and examples of Güleryüz’s

Checking in: Raffles Istanbul

Istanbul makes its 10th property (number 11 is coming to Jakarta soon). Opened in September, even the most basic of the 181 rooms measures 678 .
Two films, long in the making, rally against hasty overhaul of Istanbul

A neo-noir film set in Istanbul, the events in the film occur over the course of a single night. While the action focuses on the incident of the man pushed ..

WATCH: CCTV footage captures female Paris attack accomplice at Istanbul airport

Anatolian, on its website, cited Cavusoglu as saying in an interview she had arrived in Istanbul from Madrid on Jan. 2. Turkey had received no request …

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