Eurosphere agenda: Now another hostage in kosher grocery in Paris while two murderers are holed up…

Fresh shooting broke out in eastern Paris on Friday, with reports that an armed man had taken a hostage at a kosher grocery store, a source told AFP.
Surviving employees of Charlie Hebdo that lost its top staff to gunmen in a Paris attack this week, started work on a new issue in premises loaned by the newspaper Liberation
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BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking Map shows industrial estate where 2 #CharlieHebdo suspects are holed up, surrounded by police 
On Charlie Hebdo, freedom of speech, terrorism, and the value of lives

Muslims, especially in France, have nothing to apologize for. This does not mean they shouldn’t take a stance and condemn these acts of violence. But they should not apologize.


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#France’s most famous cartoonist, 87 year old Uderzo – father of Asterix – comes out of retirement for #CharlieHebdo.
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Ian Geldard ‏@igeldard This is just brilliant #charliehebdo #sonyhack
Charlie Hebdo attack that left 12 people dead was protested in Istanbul. Hundreds of people in two different marches said “Je Suis Charlie”, “I am Charlie”.
French police surround Paris suspects

French police surround a building in a northern town where two men suspected of the Charlie Hebdo gun massacre are said to be holding a hostage.

Muslim organisations and scholars around the world have condemned the terrorist attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo. Commentators see the attack as an assault on modern Islam and criticise right-wing populists for trying to capitalise on the event.

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has blamed “multiculturalism” and  “uncontrolled immigration” in Europe for Wednesday’s (7 January) deadly attacks on the offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.


We Must Publish, Print, Stand Our Ground
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Sequence from the video “German for Refugees”.
EU austerity faces rising public anger

The European Union’s ‘Troika’ institutions and austerity: friend or foe?
Ethnicised justice and dealing with the past in ex-Yugoslavia

There was much hope in the international community that the Hague war-crimes tribunal on former Yugoslavia, allied to domestic proceedings, could point the region to a reconciled future. It was not to be.

Struggling to uphold human dignity: bas-relief on the wall of the tribunal in The Hague. Flickr / keeps. Some rights reserved.

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